240 Best 240 (sedan) wheel alignment settings

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My mechanic usually does my wheel alignments. He worked exclusively on Volvos decades ago. So he knows the best settings for a 240 sedan to keep tyre wear at bay. But I might be buying tyres from a place that gives a free wheel alignment. What settings should I ask them to use (toe, camber)? Car is stock/not lowered.


  • Max caster while being an even value side to side

    Zero total toe

    Not much else is adjustable

  • @Philia_Bear means max camber. Stock setup you should be able to get somewhere between 0 and -1. I've never worried about them being even either side, likely to be within 0.5 of one another at max.

  • I mean caster, more caster means more camber Turing a turn on a McPherson strut suspension:-)

  • Sorry, is that maximum +ve or -ve camber?

  • Or more camber means more caster haha both views are right I guess.

    The achievable change in camber is numerically more significant that the change in caster so I'd argue the later is a byproduct.

  • Thanks.

    Right - well max. negative camber isn't a hugely odd thing, is it? Because the last time I asked a different mechanic (well, I assume he was a mechanic - he worked in a tyre/alignment place)... to do that, he looked at me like I had two heads - even after explaining the outer edge wear that occurs on 240s. He muttered something about he knew what he was doing, and said "I'll do it that way if you want me to, but..." and talked me into doing it the 'normal' way instead... and ~7 months later it needed another alignment and one tyre because just that one was ruined and the car wouldn't stay on the road without pulling down hard on the steering.

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    IIRC, max negative camber on a 240 is still very close to 0*.

    They were designed in an era when lots of the world still had heavily cambered roads and cross ply tyres were still a thing - car makers were still building cars with postitive camber...

    So your previous old mate was an idiot.

  • Hm, ok... So maybe his problem was experience with other cars - maybe he didn't realise 240s don't have much a negative range, that it's more about which direction (not to go into the positive direction).


  • @Philia_Bear - I'm having trouble with tyresales.com.au honoring the free wheel alignment they advertised. So I'll be going to my usual mechanic for the alignment after all [sigh]. I was just speaking to him and he mentioned he usually sets a little toe in - but I didn't think to ask him why. Can I ask your reasons for zero total toe? That way I can put it to him on the day and decide which way to go.

  • Here are the factory wheel alignment settings that our wheel aligner has for 240s

  • Most volume-selling tyre shops won't touch caster or camber settings for simple cars and won't listen to what you have to say about 1deg or 1mm here or there, lol. They set the toe, check it drives straight and move on to the next paying customer.

  • @timbo Wow it says 8 mm toe on manual steering 86-93...seriously? That sounds wrong given all the others are 3-4 mm. Anyway did any of the 86-93 ever have manual steering? Interesting how the camber values changed over the years. I assume the caster difference is related to the different lower ball joint on the manual steering variants?

  • I have never seen an 86-93 with manual steer

  • I have never seen an 86-93 with manual steer

    Wait until my power steering fails. You'll see one then. ;-D

    Our '76 had very light steering. And I never did work out why our '78 was so heavy in comparison. But if I ever do identify a definite difference, I'll be installing whatever that is instead. (I hate power steering... I used to be able to glance around while driving long boring highways, as well as pull my foot back against the seat to raise and make slight corrections with my knee while eating a KFC burger for example... But power steering now amplifies every minor movement that seems to send me off the road every time I try it now.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    So you have up KFC burgers? Would be much cheaper than all the d a mage from going off road every time you eat one!

  • Well I can't anymore. :-(

    I hate wasting time on long trips, sitting at a sticky table that never gets more than a damp rag. I (used to) order the food, wife and kids eat while I drive. Then familylady holds my drink while I eat and steer. (240s... No cup holders.)

  • 240's do have cup holders, they're built into the door pockets

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