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John's 1989 240 GL (GT-R) Wagon "Warick"

It's about time I posted on here about my new car which I am finally starting to get somewhere with, after Kimberley met her demise.

So the new sleigh is a 1989 Volvo 240 GL wagon, with an LH2.4 B230F and (for now) an AW71.

The previous owner Warick had a new car bought for him by his partner so this was surplus to his needs, and was the second owner.

First day:

And more recently:

So far mods include:

  • 15x7 -0 Dynamic Sunraysia steelies with wheel nut indicators
  • 205/65R15 Kuhmo KH27s and Toyo C100s, hammered guards
  • 4wdsupacentre roof rack
  • All exterior lighting changed to LED
  • Custom grille I got for free off a guy's "gangster spec" 240, with eBay GT-R badge
  • Kenwood KDC-BT620U, 4 x Kenwood KFC-PS1095, Alpine SWS-12D4, generic amp

I've got an Aliexpress spec MAF in the post currently, the current one has a snapped hot wire and as a result it's running extremely rich (200kms to a tank). I have a fair few other plans for it after that, some suspension work, manual steering rack and gearbox swap and some other bits and pieces but it's coming along. I'll try to post every now and again with my latest endeavours.



  • Looking good! Does it have a sunroof? Unusual for a 240 wagon so I assume aftermarket of some type?

  • Nice! You should lift it, baja edition xD

  • @carnut222 yeah it does have an aftermarket sunroof, currently it has only leaked once when I parked it straight under the edge of a tree on a really rainy night and I think a lot of water ran straight onto it. Otherwise it seems okay but I need to put the new motor in so it will actually open.

    @buddyglitch I have been toying with the idea but the fact that it's RWD stresses me out a bit for off-roading. I would be much more likely to go for a P80 XC70 or P2 XC90 for something off-road.

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