S/V/C70 EZ OIL drain valves

Anyone using these EzOil drain valves on their Volvo's? I've just ordered 3 and going to fit to a V50 first. Sounds like it'll make oil changes a breeze.



  • I use the one made by Fumoto on my motorcycle

  • i have one on the s80, works well

  • What I got:

    EZ-104 18mm-1.5 

    Oil Drain Valve 

    And a 

    A-104 19mm extension × 1

    I also got a 

    L-001 90 degree hose end × 1

    To keep it mega easy to control flow direction

  • I like the idea of it, but is it robust? You’d think carmakers would install them to make servicing quicker given the labour cost, but I’ve never seen a car with anything like this fitted from the factory. Good to hear some positive reviews though!

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    You know it's about saving the item cost .......

  • I thought the same, but aircraft like Cessna's are fitted with valves like this for oil changes... So it's on that basis and the lifetime warranty I've decided to try them out. On some cars like the 240 the sump design doesn't suit having a valve poking out.

  • Yeah I guess it depends on the oil drain position in the pan. As @ToomanyVolvos said it wouldn’t work on a Redblock as it would get ripped off if you hit something. For cars like the C30 with a full belly pan and no way to access the drain plug, the most difficult part of an oil change is putting the car on ramps and removing the belly pan...removing the drain plug isn’t a big deal IMHO. I guess there may be some cars where the drain plug area is exposed and pointing rearward, so this type valve could make sense.

    @Ex850R you’re probably correct about carmakers trying to save a dime (or 10 cent piece as they call it downunder) but the service guys did have some sway when we were engineering cars...they were pretty bloody hard-headed when it came to things like fuel sender access ports in the floor even though they said there was only a tiny failure rate for fuel pumps and senders, and the internal filter was lifetime LOL!

  • @carnut222 'Im using the IPDUSA skid plates on my C30/V50/C70 cars and it's got an access cutout for oil changes without removal, so the installation of this valve will hopefully make the whole process a breeze.

  • Nice! How do you find the ipd skid plates? I’ve though about getting something like that for the C30 but waiting until the plastic one gets damaged. It seems pretty robust except for some of the fasteners.

  • The IPDUSA ones are brilliant. They did me a good deal on 3 of them for about $150 each. They look good and are easy to fit.

    I agree RE finding a reason to replace the plastic one, the first replaced was due to an engine failure after the plastic tray was ruptured and ingested gravel which got caught in the accessory belt stripping the belt and throwing it into the timing belt. I think the IPD skid plate doesn't have little places gravel can hide in.

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