244DL auto 1974 yellow - 144GL manual (factory) 1974 orange - 850 AWD Estate turbo manual black

Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Western Sydney
edited September 2019 in For sale

I'm reducing the 'fleet'

Each vehicle has had serious money spent on reconditioned and new parts

I have invoices and details for each.

If you are interested in one or other of these vehicles please send a PM and I'll send the relevant information and some photos.

I advertised the 244DL sometime ago on OZVOLVO with many photos. It has a Thornleigh Engineering fully reconditioned head that cost $961. Interiors of the 244 & 144 are spectacular.

All are at Castle Hill NSW 2154



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Give us at least one picture of each and price?

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    If you want to sell then, you need a real ad: photos, description and a price.

    When you post up a real ad, you only have to write it out once, and you save a lot of questions about the basic details.

    I know the theory about “but this way only genuinely interested people will contact me”, but it is nonsense: this way you are forcing every vaguely interested person to take up both your time and theirs - so it is entirely counterproductive.

    (To be clear: I have some interest in the 244 and 850, subject to the usual variables that would be answered by a real ad)

  • Spac

    In time if there's interest. I have no interest in a gauntlet of responses that exhaust my time and often seem to be serving someone's ego. I have welcomed advice from such as yourself but given the usual low ball approach many contributors adopt when an advert goes up - and that the detail of any transaction becomes common knowledge - I'll post some details and photos when I am able to do so. THE 244DL is well documented on OZVOLVO already. The 850 AWD also -I'll try to find them and provide the relevant links .Regards, Tiny

  • Thanks Tim - I did try to locate that link without success. You win the prize if the 850 AWD Estate 1996 turbo manual link could be located also!!

    I'll take photos of the 144GL 1974 manual asap. Regards, Tiny

  • No worries Tiny I couldn't find any of your posts with pictures of the 850 awd though

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