240 Hello all! 244 - what does this switch do?

Hello everyone,

First time volvo owner here, purchased a 84' 244 GL off a friend just a couple of days ago! New to pulling cars apart but keen to get into it! I'm currently pulling apart the interior so I can give it a good clean and changing whatever bulbs (looking to source some LED replacements) I come across along the way and getting everything else working and up to standard.

I have a knob in my center console but I'm not sure what it does (it's the one with the speaker symbol in the photo). I'm guessing fader as stereo system has balance? Not sure though.

Was wondering if it is an original component or after market. Not sure if I'm too keen on it if it's after market.

Also can anyone point us in the right direction for where to get led replacement globes? I'm also thinking of adding a toggle switch for the compressor as mine seems quite delicate. Lots of fun to come. Looking forward to it.

Thanks for your time and having me in your forum 🙏



  • I'm guessing fader as stereo system has balance?

    We have a winner.

    Looks like it's aftermarket.

    iPD and FCP Euro do LED replacements for globes, from memory. Dave Barton (www.davebarton.com) certainly does.

    Welcome aboard!

  • I think it's actually genuine, part of a dealer fitted upgraded speaker package most likely.

  • Dealer fitted option. There were lots of variations for audio.

  • Thanks guys for all the feedback,

    I guess it can stay for the time being. At some point I'll probably give the stereo system an upgrade so I'll look into it then.

    At this stage I'm thinking it would be good to keep the original stereo in place and hide a Bluetooth system somewhere behind the console but so far these options seem a little more expensive than I first anticipated. Such as the out of sight range starting at $250 USD. Perhaps just a cassette deck with a aux cord going into a Bluetooth transmitter in a cigarette lighter.

    I am also toying with putting a new head unit in at the top of the dash but just quite hesitant how it would look.

    As for the LEDs I might consider doing them a bit later on, just replace all the interior globes for halogens and such the time being.

    Thanks again,


  • There is or was somebody in Australia upgrading the original stereo head units to have an aux input socket, switchable with one of the original buttons.

  • Yes, and AFAIK, still is - Paul R, from the SA Volvo Club. He runs an ad in "Rolling".

  • My 240 upgraded radio arrive this week. It can take a while to get them back from Craig (it is just a hobby for him), though it should be great once in the car.

    It has voice for phone calls too, which will be a good test for the Bluetooth module. Need to sort out an new electric antenna now and install it.

  • An Aux input sounds like an option, I'm worried about getting noise using a cassette.

    @dmc What do you mean upgraded radio? Did you send your origional radio off to this person named Craig who modifys them and sends them back? If this is the case, can I ask what he did or how it's any different?

    So he's put a mic on there for voice calls, that would be handy :)

    I think my antenna is still going, still alot of functionality testing for me to do. Still working through my bulbs at the moment.

  • Craig Rasmussen in SA does the Bluetooth conversion on the old-style 240 radios. See ad below from the most recent Rolling Australia magazine.

  • What carnut said.

    N mine there are two mics to test for Craig, the voice is a new function for the Bluetooth unit. One directional, one broad.

    There is also a USB port in the front where the cassette was used before, everything cassette is gone inside. The USB is for charging only. There is a 3.5mm audio in line too, though I doubt I will use it.

    Email him picture of your radio, personally I would change it out for a later model radio that is easier to tune.

    Keep it original though, or really close to original :-)

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