140 Removing battery tray 164

Im about to embark on a battery relocation task to free up engine bay space and weight distribution (because racecar)

just wondering if its a case of drilling out spot welds to remove it or its a more involved process?




  • Pretty sure they are bolted in. Four 12 or 13mm hex bolts. I recall replacing the one in my 140 a year or so back (it is now gone so cannot check). They are usually rusted due to the acid nearby.

  • 1/2" hex bolts 100%.

  • On one side, spots on the other for early trays. Later trays may be 100% bolts.

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld

    164 battery tray is definitely welded in place. It is in a shit of a spot and is quite difficult to cut out.

    persevere and you will get it.

  • '74 164 tray is definitely welded to the body, no bolts.

  • Ahaha look forward to it. I was fairly certain it was welded. Was wishful thinking there were some hidden bolts

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Drilling out gives you holes to fill.

    Try a flap wheel on grinder or dremel etc as the top metal will get thin and very hot when nearly through so you can gauge when to stop.

  • Sutton spot weld drills from total tools or somewhere else can work very well for this if you have access. They mean you don't get a hole in the second sheet of metal. Use of a cutting fluid greatly improves the life of the drill bit. Volvo steel can get very hard at weld sites I find.

  • can confirm was welded in and an absolute bastard to get out

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