XC60 XC60 repair manual - looking for wiring diagrams and trim removing

Hi all, It has proven pretty difficult to find the factory service manuals for the XC60, so hoping that someone on the forum can help. I have the 2011 model, 3.2l petrol, and want to hard wire the dash cam, reverse camera and possibly front parking sensors. So looking for wiring diagrams and trim removing instructions. Would buy the whole FSM, but it seems that there are books only for diesel versions. Any help/advice would be appreciated.


  • You cant just hard wire that stuff to the factory wiring its best to run it to empty fuses on the cem module.

    If you get a copy of vida it will have the factory wiring diagrams and trim removal instructions

  • Awesome, thank you for pointing in that direction, will look into getting vida. Good idea about fuses, I have seen a lot of free spots there.

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