XC90 Ticking from around harmonic balance then engine stopped???

My 2010 XC90 D5 was making a ticking sound when on a weekend away. Drove home, which I shouldn't have and then the car stopped with a small puff of smoke. I looked under the bonnet and there was a small piece of belt. Assumed it may have been a pulley. My mechanic and I looked at it today. Cars not going but when I turn it over all the pulleys turn. Assuming the bottom ends ok. We checked top dead centre on the timing belt but couldn't see the lower mark. Haven't taken the wheel off to check. Will do a compression test to see if a cylinder is gone... Hoping that's all good. If that's all good, does anyone have any ideas what it may be? Cheers Julian

Below is the video I shot prior to it stopping...


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