WTB: Manual Gearbox

Ive recently decided to use my b230f in another car an would like to get rid of the AW71 an replace it with the M47 or other box that will fit the b230f with mild modifications I know there hard to find but if anyone has one for sale or know of where to get one if you could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


  • Forget about finding an M47

    Go straight for the icing on the cake

    Borgwarner T5

  • ramrod is right you will not get M47 from any where unless you convenience anyone to sell his car, I remember my friend's father had M47 but he sold out, ask from any car towing service provider near you he knows about the old cars he may tell you something more about it.

  • ^

    not an m47.

    that is an m46

  • I have an old M47 that needs bearings (a little noisy, still works fine), 240 pedal box, clutch master, clutch hard line, 240 front tail shaft, an old shifter and a cross member that may be M47 and may be M46.

    Above this you will need the clutch, shifter boot, flywheel (I may have one of them too), gearbox mount, centre console.

    There was a 740 conversion kit on here a while ago, though depends on what it is going into.

    The two main problems with the M47 were/are the first gear synchro often wears and is NLA and the 5th gear bearing gets noisy after a while which is what happened to mine.

    Depending on where you are call your local Volvo workshop, they do come up, just not often. I bought one a year or so back. And recently sold a car with one in it.

    M46 is generally a stronger box though not as refined to shift as the M47. M46 is easier to source too and many of the parts are the same. Others can describe what is interchangable and what is not, I do not know the specifics (tailshaft, cross member etc.).

    Key question though, what is it going into?

  • Cheers guys much appreciated with the info and to answer your question @dmc it’s unfortunately not going in another Volvo but my other ute project I have look up Inspired Existence on YouTube an look for In The Build triton :)

  • Then go for the T5.

  • T5 ratios are a bit tall for a redblock, however this should work pretty well with a diff ratio an old ute is likely to have.

  • Compared to the volvo gearboxes, T5 actually has better gear ratios. A first gear that you can actually drive with, not one that needs to change into second the moment the wheels start turning. That and the rear axle ratio options leave a lot to be desired for high performance use

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