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S/V40 'New' S40 or Repair 309,000kms beauty?

MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
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There's a 2002 S40 for sale with 'only' 168,000 on the clock. My 2002 has a lot more and is showing signs of retirement.

Is this car a Turbo as mine is? I can't see a 'T' there and am not familiar enough with the other types of lettering

I enjoy my car tremendously (and this from a motorbike rider) but little things are starting to go wrong.

Thanks for the advice.


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    No that is a non turbo

    If you think your car with 300,000 kilometres is ready for retirement, that just shows your inability to keep one of the worlds best cars going. Regular maintenance is of utmost importance (by being a motorcycle rider, you should be well aware of this), and if you think by buying a car with half as many miles it is going to be a breeze maintenance wise, sorry, that is quite naive

  • @ramrod Those s40s are pretty far from "one of the worlds best cars"

    Is it possible for you to contribute without being a jerk

  • I know where you're coming from @Max my son's V40 is similar km. It actually isn't giving a lot of trouble but he doesn't do huge mileage either. In his case it's more of a quality of life thing. He's happy enough with it but every time I get in it nowadays it strikes me how tired it seems. In his case he will probably suck the juices dry because he likes to save a dollar, but I'm aware that it wouldn't take a lot to financially write it off given it's basically worthless and it gets to a point where you have to ask the question. BTW it's a non-turbo and it's s-l-o-w unless you wring its neck.

    Buying a car with 168km is an unknown however. These cars are pretty tough, but they are also physically old now and have been through who knows what at the hands of previous owners. I'd say if you come across that rare immaculate example with a known history and owners who obviously cared then maybe, but if it's just a random car that doesn't show the obvious signs of love I'd give it a miss.

  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    Basic guide to early x40 badging:

    ”S40” = 1.8 NA = B4184Sx

    S40 2.0 = 2.0 NA = B4204Sx

    S40 2.0T = 2.0 low pressure turbo = B4204Tx

    S40 T4 = 1.9 high pressure turbo = B4194Tx (Phase 1 & 1.5) or B4194T3 (Phase 2).

    The SE is an upspec model that seemed to become far more common in the Phase 2s, particularly 2.0 NA cars.

    I don’t know what the differences are between an non-SE and an SE.

    Non-turbo manual cars go ok, especially the VCT ones. Comparable to a 2-litre Pulsar of the same age, if that means anything. I don’t think I could live with a NA auto, but I struggle with automatics at the best of times.

  • My son's is a 99 SE. It gets (AFAIK) over the lower model extra electrics as in climate control, sunroof and upgraded stereo with a sub plus the sorta wire spoked alloys and the extra plastic cladding (trims on the wheel arch lips etc). It's a bit of a beater nowadays but it does still have some stuff that our newer cars don't, it was well loaded for its day.

  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW

    Great responses all - thanks.

    I purchased a non turbo, one owner a few years ago, with 105,000 on clock and it was a bomb. Slow as ! The lady who'd owned it only did 5 - 10 kms a day every day. Hard on a car. I won't buy this one pictured. :-)

    This one I bought at 302,000 has all receipts and services up till 280,000kms incl new timing belt. Synthethic oil all it's life as it still does. But oil leak has bothered me for a while and I don't have the eyesight or garage to fix it myself. It looks easy - if I was a few decades younger. It was also giving me the drits when the Vacuum pump was running full time. The switch was dicky and they're close to $200. Luckily I spoke to the chaps in Melb (Berry) who set me straight.

    This '309K' car is magnificent throughout with newish stereo and Bilsteins so I think I'll stay with it so far. I've ordered new cam seals and've spoken to a mechanic who sounds very reasonable.

    Once again, thanks. I feel like I'm calling on a wealth of knowledge here and it helps.

  • Wise move

    Best of luck

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