Volvo 140 calipers or better 164 s

Hi all

After a set of 140 series front calipers or better still 164 calipers .

Would like a Melbourne pick up

And do Volvo 140 bucket seats . There floor mounting brackets.. are they symmetrical ?? or up down and all over the place !!


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    1 - See my reply in your suspension thread - you may prefer Willwoods.

    2 - 140 / 164 seats are three-bolt affairs - one offset eyelet bracket on the front (LH and RH) and two brackets on the rear which bolt to the rear facing edge of an east-west cross brace within the cabin. They do not bolt to the floor, like 240 seats.

    Pictures below are of a 164 seat mount frame with a user operable height adjuster - the height adjuster bracket has two bolts to a reinforced plate on the floor.

    The non-user height adjustable version simply has an eyelet where the pivot pin for the adjustment handle is situated. This attaches to the floor via a single bolt adjuster with an eyelet, and then a bolt through it where the pivot pin is below. (See 3rd picture or link for the eyelet adjuster bolt)

  • Thanks for your help but looks like they will sit to hi.

    Not a good pic but the seating position is raised at the front and falls to the back.

    It is boxed out to make a flat surface both sides of the seat mount.

    the brackets need to span 400 mm`or low to sit on top

    Thanks Mark

  • Not a Volvo floorpan...hmm, curious!

    FYI you might be able to get rebuilt 164 calipers from They list them for about $75USD each...but you’d need to make sure they’re the correct ones as sometimes they mix up 140/164/240 bits.

  • I have some 140 front calipers. $10 and they still have good pads in them. There were some rear one around though they may have been thrown out.

    If you are up for a little bit of work 240 calipers can fit the front of a 140, though it takes some time.

    Pickup is in Caulfield, Melbourne.

  • Note looking at a few websites it appears the 164s with vented front rotors (72-75) likely had ATE front calipers. The ones listed on RockAuto appear to be Girling so probably not a match. Just FYI. Hard to say without researching it further.

  • Thanks for looking for me carnut . Much appreciated.

    Will most probably get in contact with ROLL DMC .

  • Note looking at a few websites it appears the 164s with vented front rotors (72-75) likely had ATE front calipers.

    Vented 164 brakes all used 4 piston ATE calipers and big discs - larger in diameter and thickness than either 240 Girling or 240 ATE front ventilated brakes.

    The beauty of the @dmc method is how he used Girling calipers, which have more pad to disc surface area than the 164 ATE calipers.

  • True about the 240 calipers on the 164 discs

    I have a set of 240 vented calipers which l have made to work buy machining out the inner bearing by l think 4 or 6 mm to line the disc to the caliper. It will work l think ,but its not bolt on . Cannot use the dust shield because the disc is closer to the stub axle

    Will be pushing it with the engineer if its not bolt on.

  • Just uploaded the mods for almost all bolt on parts. See articles/guides section.

    It was in the Volvo clubs magazine a while back too.

    There was contact from someone in Europe, so it may pop up in one of their magazines.

    Rear callipers went to scrap, fronts (actually the ones in the pics of the article) are here if you want them.

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