260 AW71L conversion info

DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - Western Victoria

I'm looking at putting an AW71 into a 260, my dad has done this in the past and I know what's involved.

But I'm wondering if I can fit an AW71L, the AW71Ls only came in redblock cars so I can't remove one from a 760GLE. I can swap a V6 bellhousing onto an AW71L, but I would need to use the L torque converter, does anyone know what the stall speeds are of the AW71L and V6 torque converters?

Is the V6 torque converter a different size to a redblock one?

Apparently the AW71L has a roller bearing output intend of the bronze sleeve in the earlier AW71s, does anyone know if it's still possible to fit an earlier 240 rear housing to gain the speedo drive gear? this would either require converting the AW71L to run the bronze sleeve, or change the rear housing to accept the roller bearing.

Does anyone know if an AW71L has the gear on the output shaft to drive the speedo?

It's a lot of extra complication to fit an AW71L but if I can make it all bolt together I'd prefer to have the lock up.


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