940 & 960 Alternate battery size for 940

fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney
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Just replaced my battery after 12 years as it dropped a cell. I was going to get the DIN55 / 53 instead of getting the usual DIN66 / 65 since the car is getting really old so I probably don't need a battery to last another 12 years.

Ended up getting a exide 54CMF which is $20 cheaper than the DIN55 and has a little bit more capacity. The 940 don't have clearence issue so it doesn't really need the DIN / recessed post battery. DIN batteries used to cost 1/3 more but the price gap is much smaller these days for some brands.

I teste fitted a 55D23L but the positive cable is a bit squashed and the negative is touching the coolant reservoir hose. So went with the 54CMF which is 19mm lower.

Ended up paying $119 as there is a $30 battery trade in promotion at beaurepaires.


  • I use 58MF in my 960 and 940.

  • Whatever battery you get, your car will outlast it.


    You don't abuse the car and do the necessary scheduled maintenance/precautionary replacement of wearable parts

  • The 'recessed battery post' thing is a bit of a scam when it comes to 940s.

  • fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney

    Batteries are a bit like hot water system. When it fails suddenly, people often get stressed out and pay whatever the asking price of the first person who show up. Often there are early warnings and a lot of savings can be had with a bit of legwork.

    Had a look at NRMA and they chrage $280 for a DIN66 for members. I think I paid NRMA around $220 12 years ago.

  • GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
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    I put MF66s in them, supercharge Gold 40 month warranty units.

    750CCA, big and hefty

  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.

    I have a ve commodore battery that was in my s40 previously in my 740t, a relatively cheap but designed for a lot higher draw than a 740 will need!

  • FYI I noticed that Bunnings now has some car batteries...I think the Exide DIN66MF was only about $150+/-$10 (can’t recall exact price - don’t appear on their website)...whatever it was seemed a lot cheaper than other places I’ve seen IIRC.

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