S/V40 [solved] Lost ign Keys

MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
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Hi all,

Just sayin', what would one do if one were to be silly enough to lose ones keys for a 2002 S40 Volvo?

When one put them away on Wednesday and has been searching for them ever since, including one's seetheat helping, "turn the house upside down".



  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney

    Check the service book & owners manual for its key number - or send your VIN to Volvo Sweden who will give you the key number that an Oz locksmith will charge over $100 to laser cut. Might be worth asking if they will either cut key(s) for you or send (a) blank(s).

    I just had a Wagga locksmith laser cut an 850 ignition key for $135.

    If you want his details pm me.

    Good luck


  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW

    Thanks a squillion Tiny - but I've arksed to moderator to delete this post as - after three days - I found the keys !!



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