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Various scan tools for Volvo and other cars. Supplied with vehicle explorer and Volvo VOL/FCR software. The tools will allow use of a wide range of software. PRICE: $80 or make an offer.


  •  I purchased the hardware and VOL-FCR from Ilexa in the uk and is a licensed to me only, however they did supply with a demo on disc along with other software that will be supplied with the hardware.

    VOL-FCR will in the full version read everything on the vehicle including live data. It is the only software that would carry out all functions on the Volvo V70.

    I currently have the full licensed version installed on my old desk top computer Running windows 2000.

    The software can only be transferred to another computer when I provide my details to the company .

    I would be willing to sell my old computer with the software on it and that would include other obd2 software.

    Hope this helps,Robert.

  • I have seen the licence on there website i wasnt aware it comes with the hardware i have obd2 cable.your hard ware has allot more. as i am happy to purschase if that's whats required with VOL-FCR . I could always buy the licence of them as i think freight on a pc to WA would be rather expensive. Or would you be happy to to transfer licence? If it was an option cheers tom

  • The only way to supply a legal fully operating VOL-FCR is to deactivate the program and send the code to ilexa and then install the software on a new computer.

    Be aware no Elm OBD connector will work. The Hex com VOL-FCR will work with other non free programs including VW group cars.

    The Trican adapter will work with higher end software and will also work with vehicle explorer.

    In my experience and that off my friends, it is always better to use software or a hand scanner for one vehicle only. 

    The Elm and Trican units pictured did not come from Ilexa and where brough for my other vehicles . Regards Robert.

  • Are you happy to post? I will cover resable cost Post to WA if so send me a private message thabks tom

  • Just sold the Trican adapter.Only the VOL-FCR obd adaptor and Elm hardware are still available.

  • I will take vol fcr then cheers

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