940 & 960 How to get service history from a dealer

Say I bought a car with no log book. How hard is it to find dealer recorded service history? Must I call in to the dealer who sold the car when it was new?


  • They will probably say that it would be a privacy breach to provide you with the service records.

    Realistically they will only have any recent digital records its not like they're going to have records dating back to when the car was sold.

  • Yeah, that. If you're lucky they might give you a verbal rundown of what's been done but that's about it. Sometimes they won't even tell you if an issue the car has was reported or diagnosed *cough* Silverstone

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    Its not a privacy issue just an excuse. Interesting approach given new vehicle service history is available online or in vehicle in some cases minus dealer notes. Varies between brands but ive pulled up details of service campaigns and history for more than one using vin and a free or paid account.

    Pity its going to take legislation to get proper access to vida in oz in light of accc view current restraint practices breach consumer law.

  • I completely agree it isn't a privacy issue. I work in government and have dealings with sensitive personal information so I am fairly familiar with what is and is not private information. Telling you what faults a vehicle has had and what was or wasn't done without identifying owner details is absolutely not a privacy breach. They just don't want to do it.

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    I was told "privacy issue" too when I tried to get the history for my C30 from Melb City Volvo for anything that wasn't listed in the book...specifically asked when brake fluid was last changed and they did tell me that so I could note it in the service book.

  • Youll struggle to get it. I've been through this before with an old car.

  • Would it even be there? The car is from a time way back when there were no interwebz, so would they have bothered putting service records from a car from 1991 on their database?

  • Yes dealers have a whole team of people carefully copying hard copy files to an online digital datatbase just incase someone buys a $500 850 and wants to know the service history

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