140 1 series rear rotor conversion

ab1Al (@ab1) Melbourne

Looking at replacing my rear rotors and pads. I have read that 850 calipers are an easy swap. If I was to do this is it possible to fit 850 vented rotors as well? Otherwise given the rotor uses an ate caliper, can I purchase a rotor made for a 240.


  • The ATE rear calipers use the same size of pad all through 140/240/850. Not 100% that the mounting holes line up all the way through but if they do it should be as easy as putting on 850 rotors and calipers. Replace the brake lines while you are there unless you have done them recently as they are all mush by now on 140's

  • I dont think any 850s had vented rear rotors probs the last of the awd got them but you would need matching calipers.

    Ive fitted them to a 142 and 144 you just drill out the mounting holes to suit the larger bolts and bend the hard lines a little bit as the angle is different.

  • Also i dont recall using the 850 rotors just the calipers.

  • ab1Al (@ab1) Melbourne

    i had a quick look on ebay and saw vented rotors for an 850 so it could just be an incorrect photo or wrong listing

  • Is it going to be worth the hassle? What's wrong with your current rear brakes?

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
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    Regarding your 2nd question (“can I purchase a 240 rotor”) it looks like the 140 rear rotors are shared with the fuel-injected 1800, and different than the 240. Not sure how much different it is, but when you look at for example the ipd website, the rotor for the 140 also lists 1800, but there’s a different rotor for the 240. There could be specific changes in years, and on some websites it was showing the 240 rear rotor fitting some 164s (maybe the 75 only??)

  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria

    The handbrake shoe setup on the 100 series is different to the later models and the diameter of the centre hat of the rotor is different I think, it's certainly shaped differently at the very least.

    Fitting a 200 series rear end isn't too difficult by the look of it, and allows a 200 series rear swaybar to fit.

    Some people with 2/7/9 series have machined the disc section off the rotors, leaving just the hat section to retain handbrake operation, and fitted an S60R vented rotor over the top with longer wheel studs, and used S60R or Cayenne calipers.

    Given that the rear brakes typically only do about 30% of the braking work, I personally prefer to put the time, money and mental capacity into making things go faster.

  • ab1Al (@ab1) Melbourne

    I would only do it if there wasn't a hassle. And interesting I thought 74 and onwards shared practically the same rear end as the 240

  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria

    We didn't get '75 164's in Australia, but I have a green book for that year model, and they incorporated a lot of 200 series items into them including a great deal of metric components, so they probably did have 240 rear brakes, possibly a whole 240 rear end.

  • Exactly what Tim said, 1/2" drill bit. Re use your old pads and rotors.

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