S/V60 Paddle Gears

Recently purchased 2017 S60 T5 and find that when use paddle gears in 'D' the revs increase but the engine does not slow the car down. Same story if I use the'S' position on the Gear selector

Previoius vehicles (Honda Accord V6) with paddle gears immediatly start to slow vehicle when downshifting using paddles.

Always having to use brakes which can be dangerous if they fade decending mountainous terrain, approaching Stop Signs, etc.

Is very frustrating and seriously considering getting rid of the vehicle.

Maybe I am missing something as IU can not find anything in Manuals, etc.


  • Do you have the 8 spd auto? Some of the new models have a hill descent button

  • Many thanks Tim for the very prompt reply, yes it is an 8 spd auto but am not awarte of a hill descent button althouigh it does have a lot of buttons, I will check it out later tonight and let you know

  • DauntlessDauntless (@Dauntless) Central West NSW

    So are you just saying there's a lack of engine braking? How high are you revving it?

  • Firstl;y, Tim, there is no 'Hill Descent Button

    Secondly, Dauntless, many thanks for your response, it does not matter what revs you are doing or what gear the car is in when you use the paddle gears and 'change down' all that happens is the engine increases in revs but does NOT slow down.

    Even when you put the Gear Select into "S" and use the 'Paddles' it is virtually the same

    Previous cars that I have driven when you change down using the 'Paddles' the revs increase but the engine starts to immediately and noticably slow you down

  • Volvo have chosen to disable engine braking for emissions reasons via software on most everything using the drive e engines


    The plug in hybrid versions have very good regen braking,

  • Thanks Bear, that explains a lot, no wonder these cars are having their Brake Pads replaced around the 30,000klm mark

    It does not help or assist ones safety, confidence or drivability of the car when we do roughly 20,000klm a year all on winding country roads.

  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed (@PaddlerEd) New England Region, NSW

    The underlying issue is that most people are now taught to drive under the mantra "gears are for go, brakes are for slow" and also taught to block shift in manuals. In fact, that's how I was taught to drive some 22 years ago, and again refreshed during my minibus licence (UK) and speed awareness course (UK).

    This is then reflected in the move to disabling the engine braking as you've found.

    In contrast, my old Land Cruiser with a 4 speed box will make you hit the windscreen if you drop down too many gears - I can drive town in 3rd or 4th most of the time, only needing 1st to get moving from stationary, and 2nd from a rolling start.

  • The brakes also wear out quickly as the brake bias is more rearward in modern cars and the adaptive cruise applys the rear brakes to slow you down

  • Thank you all, will start looking at an alternative vehicle toward the years end

  • DauntlessDauntless (@Dauntless) Central West NSW

    I'm still a bit confused. Are you saying if you downshift to give it 5000rpm at the speed you're doing, there's no engine braking? Or are you expecting it to slow down effectively at 2000rpm?

    If it's disabled via tuning, surely you could just get a flash tune to improve it?

  • If sitting on 2000 revs in 8th gear and paddle down gears all that happens is the car keeps travelling at the original speed and the rev dial increases with each gear change down untill it maxs out.

    Had it at ACT Volvo Dealership two months ago for Service and reported it as a problem - nothing changed - spoke to the mechanic who did the Service and all he could say as an explanation (which I really could not understand) is that it is a new system of gearing as opposed to what the Honda Accord and older model cars have and there was nothing that could be done about it - I think Volvo is starting to out-think its self with computerisation, etc.

  • 7 and 8 are overdrive gears and 6 is 1:1 so you would need to drop to fifth gear to get a ratio that helps slow the car down.

  • I agree with Tim. I have a V60 with paddle shift and yes you need to go to at 5 or lower to get the "traditional" slow down when changing down gears

  • Hi Stew, if I use only the paddle gears to slow down it makes no difference what gear you try, it only revs higher and no appreciable difference in speed

    The only system that works is to have it in 'Sports Mode' all the time and then the paddles work when down shifting, also means having to use the gears all the time until you disengage 'Sports Mode' - progress??

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