XC90 2010 XC90 D5 Transmission Shudder

Hi All, I have an XC90, 180,000K's on the clock. Gearbox started to shudder on low gears, but give it a bit of acceleration to up a gear and it goes away. I have it serviced at a Volvo specialist, and they did a flush and added some anti-shudder..whatever that is. It was much better. I then towed a caravan, and it got worse again, Service Transmission light came on, but if you stopped and started the car it turned off. I think the towing sped up the process of whatever is wrong. I have spoken to a few transmission places and it could be the Valve Body, I'd rather not rebuild it to rebuild it, perhaps I can do the valve body myself. Thoughts? and where do I buy a Valve Body?


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