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740 & 760 Any liner upholstery repair reliable and cheap

RomerJon17Ansett Driver (@RomerJon17) Frankston, Melbourne

I tried to stick the liners back in place with KWIK GRIP Selleys but couple weeks time and gets cold. The liner returned to sag which makes my head itchy.

Any good workshop to repair the liners? Thanks. :)


  • As a temporary measure to prevent it sagging on your head, you can use push pins to hold the fabric up. :)

    I replaced the fabric in a 740 once. Had to remove the whole liner board, which involves removing all the brittle trim bits, and it’s quite difficult to get it out the door opening due to the size/shape. I think I removed the front seats and it was still tricky to avoid bending it.

    Once liner is removed, all the old fabric plus the sticky foam residue has to be removed completely otherwise the new fabric won’t stick. I applied the new fabric with a brushable contact adhesive. If you get too much on and press too hard on the fabric it leaves finger prints as the adhesive soaks through the foam. There may be a suitable spray adhesive as well. I bought the liner material from an automotive upholstery place - I think it was down on the southeast side somewhere. Specific headliner fabric made of soft felt-like fabric with a thin foam layer.

    If you don’t want to do it yourself, check with Masons Prestige in Frankston as they probably know a local place that could do it or maybe they would even do it? A lot of labour involved so it will not be cheap I’m afraid. Based on your other posts it looks like you already have your car serviced at Masons so see what they say and good luck. It is an annoying problem having that fabric dragging on your head! :)

  • There is also Blackman's near Voldat. And no it won't be cheap, expect $500 or even more if you can't do it yourself

  • RomerJon17Ansett Driver (@RomerJon17) Frankston, Melbourne

    I'll go to Auto Barn and I found that they have a stronger Adhesive Spray which is use for Liner and weather proof. I'll try again on Wednesday and do the entire area.

  • carnut222. how did you find removing the hoodlining without breaking it?

  • OK, it was back in about 2001 so my memory is a bit fuzzy here. I’m sure I pulled out the front seats and maybe the rear seat cushion too? Pretty sure I ended up pulling it out the rear door but I could be wrong there. I think I did end up getting one slight crack in the substrate but it wasn’t obvious once I re-installed the headliner. It would be much trickier if you have a sunroof as the sides would be extremely weak so it would almost certainly buckle...so best way to do it is when you need a new windscreen and pull it out when the screen is out. Another reason to buy a wagon! ;)

  • That's what I'm afraid of, I have a sunroof. I think you're right about getting a new windscreen at the time of removal, trouble is the windscreen fitter will have to make two trips one to remove the screen and another to fit a new one

    The joys

  • dmmDane (@dmm) Port Melbourne

    I’ve used upholstery twist pins like these on sagging volvo headliners to good effect as a quick and cheap measure. Leaves it looking like a sparkling disco ceiling but hey, not bad for 10min of effort and $12.

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