S/V40 Help with Oil Leak and Wet Tie Rods - 2010 S40 T5

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Hi People,

A pre-purchase mechanical inspection identified two issues on a car we are looking at purchasing.

  1. Oil leak showing on the underside of the splash shield (skid tray), but engine looked dry. {see image in first comment below this post]
  2. Both tied rod bushings are wet; power steering fluid needs adjustment (according to report) [See images in the second post below.]

The vehicle is interstate (NSW), so hard for me to assess. I am registering in QLD, so need to pass a Road Worthy.

What would likely be the cause 1 and 2?

And what would be an estimated cost of repair?

Any help appreciated.



[EDITED] "tie rods" to "tie rod bushings"


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