Aftermarket C30 T5 catback exhaust

Interested to see if anyone has either a brand new or second hand aftermarket performance cat-back exhaust for a 2011 C30 T5?

Alot of the systems have been discontinued (Milltek, Borla..etc) or I need to ship from overseas which increases the cost, hence why I'm looking to see whether anyone here may be selling a performance cat-back exhaust.




  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    If no luck then best bet is a good shop to make one to suit your needs.

  • 240240 (@240) Canberra
    edited July 28

    Have you upgraded your downpipe?

    You may have better luck finding an exhaust for an XR5, I believe a small amount of modification is required but I imagine any exhaust shop could cope

  • I currently have a stock downpipe. Could I run an aftermarket 3 inch downpipe to stock catback? Would I also need a tune if I just change the downpipe or would it be ok to run with stock ecu?

    Yeah I've briefly looked into xr5 exhausts and I've gotten mixed replies, some saying that there isn't much modification required and others saying there's too much modification required, but if need be its always there as an option.

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    Mark Richardson at VP Tuning in Melb might be able to source is a bit out of date but worth a try.

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    Alternatively Ash Davies at DVS @AshDVS might be able to help - he’s built up a Focus XR5 and very clued in and would probably know what it takes to fit a Ford system to the C30.

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