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Various parts 93 240 sedan Daylesford VIC - UPDATED

carnut222carnut222 (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
edited August 19 in For sale

Managed to take some pics of unneeded parts I have available from a 93 240 sedan. Can post smaller parts at cost, or pick up Daylesford VIC. May be able to deliver items to Heatherton VIC on 1st Weds of month (Volvo Club of Vic Night Meeting). All parts in good condition unless stated. PM for more details.

Rear headrests - sedan only - including brackets (brackets not shown in pic) $40. STILL AVAILABLE.

Roof lining $30. Pick up only.

Rear quarter window external trim frames $20. Pick up only.

Boot hinges $25 pair. Postage extra.

Number plate lights (sedan only) $10 pair. Postage extra.

Boot plastic trim cover for fuel filler neck $10. Will not post. HOLDING FOR @OldnDecrepit

Upper roof corner trim pieces $15 pair (incl screws). Postage extra.

Rear seat complete, sedan only. Doesn’t look like it’s ever been used. $100. Pick up only.

Boot trim panel that sits at back of rear seat. Free (pick up only)

Rear quarter window internal trim. Small tip broken off top corner of each and bottom of one side. Will not post. $20 for the pair pick up only. Definitely will not post at any cost LOL!


late-style rear windscreen with rubber surround. $30 pick-up only.

rear quarter window glass LH & RH. $20 each pick-up only.


  • Hey Greg, can I take the parcel shelf trim off your hands? Also how faded are the headrests on the other side? I might get those if they are better than mine. Cheers Dean

  • Yes Dean...in fact you can have EVERYTHING for $50 if you come and get it! :) I think the headrests are pretty good but I can have a closer look and let you know, or come on down and have a look any time.

  • Sorry @ds245 everything EXCEPT the carpet for $50 - I need some $$ for that to pay for new black carpet.

  • Thanks @carnut222. Only need those two things, so everything else still available if anyone else needs them.

  • LOL darn I was hoping I could find a sucker to help cart away my rubbish??? ;)

  • WilsonSwedeasbro (@Wilson) lower (P)erth orbit
    edited July 28

    Keen for centre brake light posted to Perth if it's still available please

  • Some parts now sold. Just added the rear screen with 1-piece late-style black rubber moulding.

  • Would like the Boot plastic trim cover for fuel filler neck if it's still available.

    I might be able to get someone to pick it up.

  • Yep, still available. Happy to help out with getting it to somebody for transport. Can take it to our VIC club night meeting if you know anyone there who can help deliver. The only reason I said no shipping is the box would be quite large so I know Aust Post will charge based on size not weight (ran into the same problem when I shipped some C-pillar trims)...so the post would probably be $50+. If you’re not concerned about price, I can try to determine the postage cost, otherwise let me know how you’d like to proceed.



  • I'm trying arrange a part to go to someone in Vic via another member going down to Melbourne. He might be able to bring that back. Will keep you posted.

  • UPDATED. Parts sold removed.

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