360 360 build thread 2

Making another thread to allow for seamless documentation of my project.



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    This is where it all began. only 12 days ago on the 24/02/2018. 

    Its had all oils changed, coolant flush leads, plugs, air filter, dizzy cap and rotor, throttle body and maf sensor cleaning + fixed vacuum leaks, new throttle cable and a CLEAN. runs exceptionally well.

  • Currently Its on stands awaiting some parts from the UK. The front suspension is being re-done as the front left shock was leaking....and it needed to go lower.

    I already had some AC DELCO oil filled inserts so I ordered some SPAX 40mm lowering springs to go with them, but I plan to be going adjustable coil-over's in a year or so. I have also ordered some 50mm lowering blocks for the rear, sway bar and link bushes and new suspension bump stops from Classic Swede. New steering rack boots and tie rod ends have been installed and I have lower ball joints ready to go in.

  • Usb port and cigarette lighter:

  • Original interior shots:


  • I have been busy. But not very busy with taking heaps of photo's. I always get stuck into things and forget photos entirely. I will take some more when i'm under the front of the car next. here's my list of new stuff:

    Monroe gas shocks in the front with Spax 40mm lowering springs, New dust boots and bump stops! 50mm Rear lowering blocks.

    control arm bushes, radius arm bushes, leaf spring bushes x4 and those pesky rear shackle bushes. All polyurethane.

    New rear brake shoes and machined drums.. I decided to paint them red while I was at it.

  • Picked the donor car up on Tuesday. 940 SE with the b230et engine.

  • My brother came up from Melbourne and he Helped remove both engines! He is a Machine and we ended up getting the 360 engine, from my donor 360, out within 2 Hours.

    The 940 Engine was a little more involved, but we still managed to remove it and tag all the engine wiring loom in about 3 hours. I was an apprentice in this instance as My Brother took charge as lead 'boof head'. I Sympathise to anyone who owns a 940. Those rear heater hoses and the distributor are a nightmare to get at in situ.

    The VICTORY shot

  • Cleaned up the 360 Sump ready for painting:

    I pulled the head and sump from the B230ET. Good news is I wont have to swap the intermediate shaft as it has the gear for the block mounted dizzy. Bad news...SLUDGE and SLUDGE and 9mm rods.

  • I was hoping the bottom end wouldn't have so much sludge, so I might send this block off to be acid washed and may aswell do the cylinder head and other parts that I don't want to scrub down.

    I decided to break from tradition and paint the block and sump blue:

  • A bit of cleaning today. There's some pitting on the deck but nothing major. I will be preparing the block tomorrow for a respray. I have decided to just clean this motor and replace all gaskets and seals. Cylinders are pretty good. Still has cross-hatching showing and no damage, just normal wear. I will replace the valve stem seals and clean + lap valves + inspect for damage....

    I just think it's risky running a freshly built engine before I iron out all the potential problems first.

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    Cleaning = painful

    Lots more cleaning today followed by some painting. Paint stripper is nasty stuff!

    I have decided that while I'm here i will check the rod bearings, pistons and rings for wear.

    And clean my garage...again.

    It's hard to get a good photo of the true colour (it's a little darker than it looks) because of the fluorescent lights in my garage. But it's looks neat and im satisfied. New Welsh plugs on the horizon, too.

  • Look how shiny the intake manifold is!!!

    Before and after

  • Just some more cleaning and painting while I'm waiting for my gasket sets and valve stem seals. Its amazing this 940 was still running with all the vacuum leaks, the condition of the injectors and intake manifold etc.

    Pulled a bearing cap and to no surprise, they are a bit worn. Crank looks fine and the caps don't look bad at all, no excessive heat spots or grooves.

  • Melbo - 360

    Had a really nice drive down to Melbourne. Those adjustable coil-over shocks In the back are worth their weight...

    Made my way to Philip island today...

    Met with Julian at Voldat!

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    Ordered new piston rings (hasting) and bearings (Glyco) from precision international -- these guys are great. They've been able to get everything I needed at a pretty good price. Will be rebuilding the b230ET in the coming weeks.

    More cleaning > before and after:

    She was very dirty. I cleaned everything, inspected, cleaned and lapped the vales and installed new valve stem seals. of the 3 different types of valve spring compressors I had, not one of them was suitable to install the valves, springs and retainers. I had to buy a special type to get it done : >> https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-10pc-Valve-Spring-Compressor-Tool-Kit-for-Car-Motorcycle-Petrol-Engines-AU/132716239701?epid=19011018734&hash=item1ee6811b55:g:YRIAAOSwq7JUKYTO:rk:2:pf:0

    Block, bearing caps, conrods and pistons have all been cleaned. Bearings, piston rings and seals have all been replaced.

    difference between 740 b230et oil pump (LEFT) and 360 b19e oil pump (RIGHT).

    Pitting repaired by metal forming putty - similar to JB weld.

  • Still...a long way to go from here. Its anyone's guess as to when she will be on the road.

    I still have clutch, flywheel, engine mounts. Intercooler and exhaust to sort out, as well as wiring and other niggles.

    BTW*** Valve stem seals are different sizes between the 530 and 531 cylinder heads. The 531 head has thicker valves. These were not provided in my VRS headgasket kit. I had to use other seals I found in another kit I had.

    I measured the Internal Diameter of the valve stem seals I used for the 531 head and it was:

    Upper hole I/D: 7mm

    Base hole I/D: 11mm

    More before and after

    Swapped the distributor over from the 360. It would've been a simple process if it weren't for the excessive sludge and surface rust built up on contact/bearing surfaces inside the b230 block. Its funny how most of the more troublesome and time consuming tasks start with the statement "I'll just quickly"...

    Had some issues getting a good quality oil drain hose for the PCV flame trap. I was sent this item, which is far from useable:

    @jlfents helped me with some information regarding the drain hose on the turbobricks forum from Stealthfti. The advice from Stealthfti is this:

    "Don't bother replacing it. Just use the top 1/2in or so to act as the seal for that side of the separator box to the block, or use an O ring.

    I do not re-install those return tubes. They are there to supposedly reduce oil spray or foaming in the pan. All they really do is impede crankcase ventilation. AND, in a worst case scenario on a high mileage motor with excessive blowby, that drainback tube actually allows oil to be pushed up into the separator box, and on into the vent hose...and on into the intake tract.

    That drainback tube is not needed. Save yourself some grief in the future: do not re-install one into your motor."

  • I used an Elring VRS head gasket set and an Elring bottom end gasket set and had nothing but issues.

    The oil pump orings are too thick to be used in the Elring kit and look like this (black):

    The original Volvo ones are orange'y and look like this:

  • Cracks in exhaust manifold - needs repair before I can continue. I still have plenty to do. More cleaning and....more cleaning.

    I cleaned up the old alternator and bracket, only to decide on using the 360 one instead...

    Braided oil return + oil feed arrived today.

    The original oil return pipe was so dirty and difficult to get clean that it wasn't worth re-using. Additionally, there is apparently clearance issues with using the 360's mounts and clearing the factory oil drain hose. Hopefully this braided hose will give me more wiggle room (pun intended).

    I've ordered these suckers from D088. Oil cooler hoses. I've also ordered the oil filter housing o'ring and oil cooler o'ring from Berry Motor Group. Thanks again to Mark. Absolute legend to work with.

    Cleaned the turbo (td04-13c)and painted the actuator. Appears to be nice and healthy.

    Night and day - spark plug heat shields.

  • Front mount intercooler is on its way!! I just need to sort out the clutch and flywheel...

    Thanks to @AshDVS for my camshaft Bung and DVS plate!

    ok. My LH2.4 conversion loom has been sent from classic swede!! Dai sent me a wiring diagram that I thought I'd upload here to possibly help any future converts.

    I had the orange injectors from a V70 T5 cleaned and flow tested with new o'rings, filters and caps. They're good to go!

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