140 Engine mount dimensions


I keep breaking engine mounts on the rally 144. A mate here has access to BMW urethane ones that he thinks will fit and be a lot stronger. I'm currently in the US - a long way from the car and my spares.

Could someone measure a 144 engine mount for me so I can see if anything might work?




  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    Don't do it. Urethane ones break in rally cars just as easily as rubber ones.

    There's two possible, realistic solutions:

    1. "World Cup" style engine mounts. This is my preferred option.
    2. Adding a third mount that runs from somewhere high up on the motor to the inner guard. You'll need to check your rules, because lots of classes don't allow extra mounts.

    I had pretty good success with chains over 240 mounts in the 244s, but chains weren't a long term solution for the 164 (which has basically the same geometry as 144 mounts).

  • Have you tried a big 164 version?

    140: dia 65mm, height 38mm.

    160: dia 75mm, height 42mm.

  • bgpzfm142bgpzfm142 (@bgpzfm142) Launceston TAS
    edited July 13

    I used these in my 144, back in the day.


    The measurements are in the eBay ad pic, although the Volvo ones may be a bit fatter in the rubber area.

    They are (were) a Motorcraft part, so you may find they also fit something else in the US.

    PS - Congrads on the P2P - top 10 outright and class podium finish!

  • Space, good comment. I've been thinking of world cup mounts, but haven't worked out a design I like.

    Ian, I'm using the 164 mounts.

    Bgetc, thanks for the congrats. Hard work event. We should have finished one place higher but for a nav problem on a timed section...

  • I think part of my problem might be the torque of the new stroker. Never happened with the old 2litre, but we broke them in a week on COT last year. I hate to think what they'll be like after P2P. Hanging on by the chains, I guess.

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