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XC60 2010 XC60

Just purchased a 2010 (MY11) XC60. 3.2lt 6cyl n/a base model. Has 120,000k and full service history and up to date with all recalls. Is there anything I should do or look for when I get the car?

Also if I want to add some other factory options like reverse camera, screen and GPS will this be as simple as plugging in?



  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Good one!


    To add things in ,yes it is possible but cost wise,pulling everything apart,getting it in etc is bad enough but you need the dealer to get into the computer to update system to make it work and at what cost..... Easier and cheaper to buy car with it....It should have all that in it I would have thought anyway? You don't want the Volvo GPS anyway.....

    One thing you absolutely must do is have the gearbox fluid changed by a good independent shop.

    Use very good synthetic oils and check engine oil regularly as these motors do use a bit.

  • Thank you.

    can anyone recommend who to take it to for trans service in Adelaide?

  • @VolvoMike at volvofadelaide

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