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240 Suspension Options - Comfortable ride

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Hey guys,

The time has come to redo the suspension on the 240 wagon.

I'd like to keep the couch on wheels ride comfort of the car.

I'm not interested in a sports suspension set up. I live in Sydney and the roads a pretty garbage - so I don't want to go crazy spring rates either. I also don't want to cut springs.

I picked up a very cheap new pair of King Springs (lowered height) for the front so I'll most likely pair them with the same set in the rear and hope they aren't too stiff.

I'm looking for input / experience on dampener options with these springs.

So far the options are:

  • Sachs Super Touring ($460 ish)
  • Bilstein B4 ($562 ish)
  • Bilstein HD ($450 ish)

Anyone have any experience with above?

I feel the Bilsteins would be a little too stiff - but probably control the shock a little better.

I've gone with Volvo OEM strut tops & Lemfolder ball joints as these are pretty cactus (and the knocking in the front end is driving me insane.

Do you guys have any feedback on the above or suggestions to keep a nice plush comfortable ride (and hopefully knock an inch or two off ride height?)




  • Try the HD, if you don't like them you could always sell them to someone here then get the other weaker shocks

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    You need some dual rate springs,Kings are for lowering and sport....

    Talk to @AshDVS ,the suspension guru and purveyor of fine dampers.and springs!

  • If you want stock comfort... run stock suspension and use a 28mm ipd or falcon front sway bar

    It removes the swaying without hardening the dampening

    Everything else your talking about will reduce ride comfort

  • I've had bad, expensive, experiences with Sachs/Boge shocks. They are not as well-made as they used to be. A front one failed completely in less than a year on my '90 240 sedan. A budget alternative is KYB Excel-G -- they seem slightly firmer than the Sachs Super Touring, and so far have lasted at least a few years...

  • Have you looked at / considered B6 Bilsteins?

    34-181539 Front

    24-002967 Rear

    The HDs (B8) seems to be more expensive than the B4s on your list.

    Where are you getting your prices from?

    I've just been pricing up some B6 dampers for a 940 wagon, and it looks like FCP Euro have pretty damn good prices on them. FCP's prices for dampers match the prices on this site (URL below) which is pretty competitive. Note prices quoted are in real dollars (USD).


    That site says $252 USD (about $365 AUD) + shipping for a full set of B4s to fit a 240... and you've been quoted $562 for the same gear. Nearly $200 worth of postage? It really pays to shop around, as you can see.

    FCP also has the B6 fronts for $152 USD each, and B6 rears for $99 USD each. The advantage with buying from FCP is that you can order parts other than shocks to make the shipping cost justifiable.

    I have B6s and King Springs in one 940 wagon, and they do the job well for me- a good ride / handling package, in my opinion. But what suits me may not suit you, so....

  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    Bilstein B4s aren’t very comfortable on bad roads. They have too much high speed compression dampening, which makes them jittery on sharp bumps.

    A comfortable ride is not simply about “softness”.

    I would look at B6s with stock springs, or maybe KYBs with stock springs. I have haven’t had any problems with Sachs personally.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I'm thinking Ash at DVS can re valve some shock for you and match springs to suit.

  • I haven't considered B6 to be honest. From what I've read - they seem more Motorsport orientated to deal with higher spring rates.

    I can cover freight from the US through my business so I haven't factored this in The prices are from a combination of local of overseas outlets - excluding freight costs.

    KYB & Monroe also seem to be options - any have experience with these?

    I'm aware lowering will shorten then spring (or increase the spring rate) and make the ride more harsh. I picked up a pair of new King spring fronts for $50. So that saves a bit of cash to spend on other items. Through Wholesalesuspension.com.au - the cost of lowered kings is $540 set vs standard height $450 - so I thought I may just trail the lowered set and if not - sell them on.

    If the above photo are the photos of the actual spring (which I'm certain front and rear aren't the same) these would be a progressive spring. This would be an ideal situation.

    Has anyone used these Lovells? Is anyone aware of 240 wagon progressive springs?

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Shoot Ash a message.


  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    Monroe aren’t the best. If you aren’t keen to pay for monotube Bilsteins, then the answer is KYB, Sachs (debatable) or Tokicos (if you can find them).

    The Bilstein B6/B8 rears for a 240 are top soft - definitely not too firm.

  • BradBrad (@Brad) Sunshine Coast, QLD

    I had a full set of B4s on my 940. I found them too harsh for the crap roads (with tons of sharp bumps) around where I live. The rear ones failed after a few months and I replaced them with Sachs Super Touring. I still have the B4s on the front though but I still don't like them.

    My mum's 740 has the Super Touring shocks all round and it definitely has a softer ride than my 940.

    I have noticed the rear super touring shocks in both cars make a creaking sound. Whether that indicates a potential failure in the near future I don't know.

  • KYB & Monroe also seem to be options - any have experience with these?

    KYB are good value for money; Monroe aren't.

    Has anyone used these Lovells?

    Yeah, I've used Lovells springs in a 144, they were custom made - 20% more than their standard off-the shelf sports rate, and 1 inch lowered. They worked a treat. Lovells do shot peen their springs, too.

    Those springs displayed in the Lovells ad look similar to Commodore IRS rear springs. IMO, they chose them for their ads because they're a tricky looking spring.

    Kings used to offer progressive rate 240 springs, dunno if they still do. Personally I don't like the feel of progressive rate springs, but everybody is different.

  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    OK, so here's the reply I wanted to make earlier, but my phone made too difficult to post...

    "Comfort" is surprisingly subjective when it comes to car suspension - what might be comfortable on bad suburban roads might induce sea-sickness on a fast run through the Nasho.

    We have been trained that "good road holding = discomfort", when the opposite is closer to the truth.

    The fundamental problem is that both the vehicle makers and aftermarket shock suppliers make compromise products that are designed to suit a bunch of different applications and to a price.

    If you are prepared to spend the time and/or money on a proper setup, then you'll be amazed at what is possible. This pretty much means monotube shocks, revalved to suit your exact usage.

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
    edited July 14

    I have a 91 240 wagon with Kings lowering springs and Bilstein HD (=B6) front and rear. The ride is quite firm. If you’re looking for ride comfort, it would not be my recommendation. I think the main issue is the springs. Go with stock springs maybe and OE replacement shocks/struts if you want decent ride, and upgrade the sway bars for a big improvement in handling without too much impact on ride harshness. The FCP website probably shows which shocks are OE - probably Boge brand IIRC?

  • Sachs I believe were factory fitment

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