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XC90 Gear selector reduced function, XC90 2003 2.5T

Hi Guys,

When taking my gear stick off I accidentally pulled up the plate which had a couple of wires that were attached to what I thinks was the actuator just in front of the gear shifter. One wire was green and the other black. A message popped up stating Gear Selector reduced function.

I re attached the wires but Is it possible I have them back on the wrongs clips ? does anyone have a diagram or can tell me ? black wire on top with green below or the other way round ?

I still have the message on the display although I have reconnected the wires.

Also can anyone tell me how we delete these messages once we have completed the task ?

Thank you Andrew


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    I will message you a pic off my wiring diagram vida message me your number and can pic as a txt 0412192269
  • Cheers. Have sent you a message. Thank you.

  • Turns out when I pulled the connectors off the terminals they also dislodged and pulled the terminals away from the copper wires, re-soldered and reattached connectors, seems all good.

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