850 Timing belt kit

Hi guys new to the forum. Have just purchased 1995 850 SE 2.5L auto sedan. Trying to find the correct parts to do the timing belt water pump and associated pullys. A lot of oversea sites do not show the 2.5L motor. Could anyone point me in the right direction where to get the correct part numbers for my vehicle. Vin YV1LS5106S2255595 B5252S R5 2.5L.....Thanks for any help or advice. Regards Ludwig


  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Look to either local (Sandwood Trading) or USA (FCP Euro,IPD,Pelican Parts,) UK , Parrsforvolvoonline/PFS.
    I have a known ,barely used pump here if you want. Plus other steering bits I'm offloading,new I had in shed,leftover from many cars.....
  • @spock1 your car will be a 10 valve so choice of the top 2 belts based on your engine serial number
  • Thanks for the reply guys. The owners of the vehicle have gone overseas for the next month on the day I inspected it. We will do the changeover when they return. So not sure of the engine number yet. Hoping to purchase a complete kit... it’s a bit confusing... guess I better wait till I get the correct engine number.
  • Hi again.....i have been quoted 2 different part numbers for the timing kit for my vehicle. 30758262 and 30758260. The first one seems to be the correct one. Anyone have an idea if i am on the right track for my vehicle. Vin YV1LS5106S2255595 B5252S R5 2.5L.....Thanks for any help or advice. Regards Ludwig
  • 30757260 is for a 20valve engine yours is a 10 valve so thats incorrect kit
    30758262 is for a 10 valve 144 tooth belt and is "probably" the kit you need but without an engine number to confirm your just guessing.
  • Ok thanks for thar. Makes things a bit clearer. I will wait till i can get the engine number. Thanks ft or your help Tim. Regards Ludwig
  • Back again guys.....my mechanic tells me my engine number is B5252S504547...are the last six numbers my engine number. Will not get the car for 2 weeks so cannot check personally. He got this number when entering rego details into his system. Thanks again for any help. Ludwig. Just in case...car is 1995 Volvo 850 SE 2.5L

  • Based on the engine serial number #504547 then you need the 144 tooth belt for 10 valve.

    30758262 is the correct kit

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