C30 C30 T5 oil capacity WTF?

carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
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OK changing the oil and filter in the 2008 C30 for about the 8th time, and it seems like every time I have to add more than the called-for 5.8 litres. What I do is dump in a whole 5L jug, then drop down almost 2 hash marks from a part full jug...start the car and let it run for a few minutes...shut off and let it sit for a bit, and oil level is just at the bottom of the cross-hatched mark on the dipstick. So I add a bit more (seems like another litre!) to get it in the middle. Is there something I’m missing? Anyone else had this experience?? Is a jug of Castrol not actually 5 litres?


  • Show us a picture of the dipstick level right after the 5.8 litres is added please
  • Show us a picture of the dipstick level right after the 5.8 litres is added please

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
    Show us a picture of the dipstick level right after the 5.8 litres is added please
    Unfortunately I’ve added more to get it within the XXXXXXXX range. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow and see where it’s settled after sitting a day. Only thing I can think is I got the car nice and warm, drove it up on the ramps and let the oil drain out, then pulled filter out, and let it sit that way overnight, so maybe it fully drained the oil cooler etc. And yes, I’ve taken the car off the ramps to check the oil level! :)
  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
    There is a bit of chatter about this on Swedespeed forum...apparently the quoted capacity may get you to the middle of the cross-hatched area, and also I saw somewhere that it takes a bit more if the oil cooler was fully drained (not sure whether it siphons if you let the car sit for a day with the oil drain plug out?) Anyway, I’ll double check tomorrow and as long as it’s in the cross-hatched area I’ll be satisfied. I figure I probably added about 6.2 L vs 5.8 L, so if the cross-hatched area is equivalent to a litre (or a quart which is nearly the same) I should be in the middle to upper range. I do like how easy it is to change the oil and filter on these without making a mess (thinking 240 where the oil filter drips all over the crossmember, steering rack and engine mount!) As long as you let the engine warm up sufficiently, then drain the pan first, then do the filter, the filter comes out nice without dripping everywhere. I did try it once with a cold engine and the filter was full of oil (probably a thermostatic valve or something preventing it from draining out when cold, or thick oil?)
  • Interesting to note the xr5 capacity is listed on most lube guides as 6.4litres and the focus rs is 5.8 like the c30. The 2 focus RS that i service and my c30 take about 6ish to fill. Im running the rs cooler on my c30 as its bigger than the xr5/c30
  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
    OK here’s the final bit. I checked the oil today after letting the car sit for 24 hours, and it’s right at the top of the XX XX XX XX marking. I had another look at the calibrated (LOL) oil jug and it looks like I put in about 6.5 litres all up. So, I’m guessing a combination of the oil fully draining due to letting the car sit for a day up on ramps (possibly oil cooler drained?) and what seems like Volvo’s 5.8 litre recommendation may only bring it up to halfway on the XX XX XX XX mark on the dipstick. Looks like if you let the car sit a day after changing the oil, the oil level may come up from the middle of the XX XX XX XX region to the top as the oil drains out of the engine into the sump. Case closed! :)
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