S/V/C70 C70 tyres

My 1998 C70 is running 18” Volvo rims with 225 40 tyres. The car has the standard ride height.

The tyres aren’t very good at all in absorbing road bumps and sometimes the suspension really crashes.

Is it possible to run a taller tyre (say 45 or 50) on the 18” rims to provide more cushioning ?

I would be happy to go to a narrower tyre (215) if room in the wheel arches is a problem. Or is there a brand of tyre that might provide a softer ride ?

Your feedback would be appreciated !


  • It is possible, but a bad idea. Because you're changing the circumference of the tyre by changing to a higher profile. It is the relationship between the width and the profile so when you say change to 215 width that will affect the profile too. For example, 225/40/18 is equivalent to 215/45/18 since the aspect ratio (45) is 45% of the tyre width.

    In your case it would be wise to change to 17" wheels, so there is more tyre available in the sidewall (height) but you aren't changing the overall diameter of the tyre. You could even change to 16" with an even higher sidewall if you wanted to
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    C70s bang and crash......
    V and S70s less sod but if you have the 302mm front discs you can only go down to 16 inch otherwise I'd suggest 15 inch for comfort.
    Check your subframe,suspension top and steering gear bushes and motor mounts,these all contribute.
    Do not put in anything other than Volvo rubber as stiff nolathane type bushes will kill the ride quality.
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