XC70 Volvo XC70 Immobiliser fault?

Just put the engine in and we don't have the master key so the engine won't start as the immobiliser is on?

Whats the way around this ?
Have the Owners Handbook etc .

Can a locksmith fix this?


  • Going to need some more details. What year model, what parts did you swap etc.
    There is no "master key" but you need a programmed key. What key have you got?
  • Tim,
    i sold the car on which i bought with a blown head gasket.
    The new owner contacted me to see if i had the master key, which never came with the car.
    I contacted the local authorised Volvo repairer to see if he had the key today but he hasn't contacted me back as of yet.
    So the new guy fitted a new engine and can't start it as the immobiliser is on.
    Just trying to help him out. I never had it running just parked when i bought it from the owner and the Volvo repairer replaced the head twice and couldn't fix the problem.
    Agent for Volvo wasn't very helpful.

    *So the new owner has the second type of key only.

    I read today you can do a ECU reset by locking-unlocking the car 5 times?
    Any views ?
  • Who is your local volvo repairer? The only chance of bypassing the immobiliser is if its a 1998 model anything post 2000 will need a tow to the dealer and new key programmed.
  • I would rather not say.

    What is that likely to cost?
  • Can a good locksmith do this.
    Agent was unhelpful.

    What about replace the lock/ immobiliser set/ecu?
  • If you cant tell me what year model the car is i cant give you any more specific advice. Asking about bypassing immobilisers is suspect in the first place, but you're being cagey about details. Ill let you figure it out
  • Nothing cagey, .
    2004 Xc70
  • What i am saying is we are 280 kms from the nearest Volvo dealer and the local agent is useless and a rip-off.

    The guy who has the car now contacted me to see if i had the master key which i haven't.

    If you don't have a solution or don't want to say anything for what is see now is a common Volvo problem for people who even have the master key, let me know?

    Immobiliser light/activation seems a common problem.
  • Really is a dealer only job then as it has to get all it's info to code the new key from Sweden via a computer
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    You then don't know about the ECU/immobiliser re-set procedure?

  • Otherwise there must be a way around the transponder for a cluey auto electrician/ locksmith.

    Ive fixed an Alfa 147 where the key was lost but the Alfa system is more complex.
    Volvo system seems simpler, just an immobiliser module?

    Anyone know the structure of how it works?
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    2004 xc70 immobiliser is tied into the dash cluster, the cem, the ecu, even the rear view mirror on some models basically everything on the high speed can network is vin programmed, change one module and nothing works.
    There i definitely no magical door lock trick only a dealer can reprogram when you dont have a programmed key

  • Sorry guys . Fixed it , no Imo light and cranks over.
  • How did you get it sorted in the end?
  • As a side note
    Sorry guys . Fixed it , no Imo light and cranks over.

    Almost guessing the antenna was not plugged in or another module
  • Wrong. Not anywhere near the solution.
  • Wrong. Not anywhere near the solution.

    Why bother posting here asking for advice if you're just gonna be a jerk. You said it cranks over but does it run?
  • Who is venting?
    Keep your attitude nice, please?
    I don't call you a jerk , so don't call me one.
    Your very hostile.

    Runs so the new owner says.

    Door locking 5 times is what the dealers do so i was told.
    Called the "ECU re-set procedure".
    I eventually tracked it down.
    Confirmed by others outside this forum.
  • If you locked and unlocked the car 5 times that does reset some of the immobilizer stuff but does require you to have the correct key
    Your previous comments indicated the owner did not have a valid key for the car
  • So the answer is, it runs now, you don’t know how.
    Door locking thing may or may not work, I am sure someone will test it at some point and confirm.
    Let us know if you ever find out how it was sorted.
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