S/V40 Advice on an S40 AWD 2009 Auto

Hi all. In our search for a replacement for our beloved S40 2.4i, we've come across a 2009 AWD S40 Auto that has 149,000km on the clock. No R-Design body kit, just standard styling.

The car will be a daily driver for the wife and occasionally used for pleasure on the weekends.

I've read on another thread a discussion about the AWD versus FWD (circa 2005 s60 or S80 cars). Seems the main concern, for usage as a daily driver is the

* poor performance (not better than the FWD cars)
* unnecessarily complicated
* tyre replacement requirements.

1. Is this the same concern for the Gen 3 AWD system on the 2009 S40s?


2. What about the Gen 3 Haldex system pump and oil change requirements? I watched one video on it, and it looked like an onerous job, not an easy one for the DIY owner particularly when it comes to draining the system. Any advice on this?

3. How is the fuel consumption? Some figures quote 14l/100km urban, 10.1 l/100km combined. Does anyone have any real world figures on this for an AWD auto?

The alternatives we are looking at are a T5 and a no-turbo 2.4i.
MY12 S40 S T5 FWD (150K km)
MY10 S40 S 2.4i FWD (88K km).
Both nice cars. 2.4i has the least km so is attractive. But the T5 has just had the timing belt done. So is ahead on that front from the other two.
All three have a service history.
All three cars have an asking price of $8,500.

What is pulling me to the AWD is the options it came with as standard. Leather seats, Bi-Xenon Headlights with wipers, Auto retracting side mirrors, electric driver's seat, 8 speaker sound system, 17-inch mags, rain-sensing auto wipers, etc.

My main concern is the reliability/maintenance issues associated with the AWD system and clarification on the fuel economy. Any answers to the above three questions appreciated.



  • Awd system just uses a little extra fuel
    Not many issues maitenance wise except for the need to flush the haldex system every 5 years and the rear diff and angle gear oil every 5 as well

    If you don't need awd or want it... I'd find a car without it
    Some quick looking on car sales found a v40 t4 with the driver tech pack for 18k asking
    Its got the 2L 5cyl whiteblock with the 6 speed auto and pretty much nothing goes wrong with them and better fuel economy than the 2.4i s40s

    Lexus ct200h is also in the same quality category and price range
  • My awd v50 averages 9.3L/100km and does about 1000km a week with lots of freeway driving.

    My fwd T5 v50 averages 11L/100km with all short distance trips and almost never sees the freeway.

    The fwd one feels quicker, but the awd feels more sure footed I guess.
  • Thanks guys.

    My budget is $9,500 (I also have an extra $1000 for rego and stamp duty). So the V40 is out of the question. We like the Volvo, so will do our best to get a decent S40.

    Thanks for the fuel consumption figures too. Very helpful.


  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Cars are cheap at auction....
  • Anything with the 5 speed auto will have a limited life
    I'd go cheaper and put $$$ aside for future repairs
  • Im still yet to see anyc30/s40/v50 5 speed auto failures and have a few customers with over 300,000kms and no service history on the boxes
  • Im still yet to see anyc30/s40/v50 5 speed auto failures and have a few customers with over 300,000kms and no service history on the boxes

    I personally killed 2 in us spec cars (one s40 and one c30)
    Both had >200k miles on them and no service history
    They dislike towing in hot weather
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