XC70 Thoughts on this XC70 I'm considering please


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Are the KMs too high with 87000 on the clock?


  • The price is way too high for a start
  • The price is way too high for a start

    Should be way closer to 10k
  • @timbo Yep, too pricey but that can be negotiated. Redbook lists it up to $16700. More concerned with known issues on these - I haven't had a daily car with this many KMs for a long time & I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of a replacement transmission or something
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - Western Victoria
    We have two of these, both with over 300.000Ks on them and in daily use. They have been excellent, we have done timing belts and serpentine belts on both of them, one has had a replacement negative battery lead, and a few minor issues. Overall they have been very good.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    87000 on it is nothing.
  • It's about average km for age. The better question is what has it been doing for those 87,000 kms and how has it been treated? If it's all local running and no great concern for maintenance than it could be more worn that expected.
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    The 6 cylinders are ok check the vacuum pump isnt leaking oil ( usually evident oil leak from pump @rear of intake camshaft onto top of gearbox)
    Torque mounts and drivers side engine mounts are common failure (hydraulic mount under torque mount)
    Strut tops can fail and will give audible knock
    I think the diffs in these are more common failure than the transmission.
    Air con compressors fail quite regularly so check it works but assume it will fail in your ownership.
    Also have replaced some pcv/breather boxs check if theres vacuum at oil cap with engine running

    I would try and find a turbo 6cyl model as the n/a fuel consumption is terrible and performance underwhelming

    No timing belt on the 6cylinders i think @DCW242 is talking about a 5cyl diesel model.
  • Great advice thanks @timbo
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