I'd like to introduce you to Graham

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My race car was just given 150kw



After driving it around for a band gig this afternoon, it is unique amongst the other vehicles I have owned, for its incredible lack of distinctive personality.

I don't want to say it is boring, because it is this very trait that makes it, in content, some what interesting.

This thing has travelled 200,000km, (is the ecotec V6, last of the Buick's) and is probably the last VY on earth, that hasn't been lowered, or with a Chev badges attached.

My sample may be broken because of my profession I confess, but how someone drove one and then went, oh I want the sporty model, seems insane to me. It's perfect in how it's mundane. It's a librarian, and not an overly good one, just a run of the mill clerical worker whom has been there to long but not yet long enough to be destructive.

They feel huge inside. My partner is a km away and even with seat forward I doubt she could reach the front fire wall.

Having said that, this thing is returning better economy then the Volvo ever has. I'm looking like I may crack under 10L/100km's And the best bit? Supercheap auto is now a performance store :hehe: Imagine walking into a store and indicating you need a bushing out of the blah blah blah and store clerk returns with, "they are actually on special this week.."

My example is in a pretty straight condition, own'd by a mates auntie was was given a company car. She was going to send it to the tip because it needed rego.

It needs an ABS sensor, the front seat is well sat in, a bunch of old e-tag holders removed from the windscreen, the Ariel correct to the correct shape of Australia, and some heater-hoses are starting to swell ($70 kit from aforementioned performance store)

Allow me to introduce you to Graham.

Oh why here, I'm going to de-modify modify this things. It's going to be the most boring Graham ever.


  • Photos from links; for all you lazy Volvo owners.
  • Hay Graham! How's it going.
  • A hearty Moo, followed by a solid Mang Graham
  • Angus242164Angus @Angus242164 Western Victoria
    These things had just been released when I started my apprenticeship at a Holden dealer, I learned how to fit mud flaps, floor mats, towbars and all the other accessories almost with my eyes closed!
  • Wanna come replace the busted areal mast and motor? Turns out we have to take the stereo out. Annoying! :P

    A fortnight into owning this nugget I confess it's... well comfortable. and even.. quiet inside.

    Shhhh don't tell your European car owning mates.
  • Angus242164Angus @Angus242164 Western Victoria
    I replaced dozens of antenna masts and a few complete units in my time at the dealer, if it just needs a mast let me know, I have a few in good condition, and there's a way that you can replace them without removing anything from the interior.
  • That's very generous of you Angus.

    I confess I've been to bursons and $130 bananas later I have a mast and motor. I'll let you know if I get stuck.

    These Buick V6's ppl complain they are unrefined. They are fine! The gearbox needs fresh oil but I can't see how these are every classed as rough.

    Wait I suppose they get flogged within an inch of there lives don't they.
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    A family member had a vn moo wagon. I asked to borrow one day. Checked water and oil. No oil on a dry dipstick. .......
    He had checked the auto dipstick,didn't know about the other....
    Put oil in, off he went.
    Been like that for at least a year.
  • Well there ya go.

    What's not to love?

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
    Early versions had straight crankpins and felt like you were driving a 1970s washing machine full of books.
    They later went to offset crankpins and they were a lot smoother.
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