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850 missing connector and small fitting for my new expansion tank (850 1996 NA auto GLT)

New tank but no fitting kit. I need to get the male connector and whatever the insert in the very small secondary inlet in the base is - together with a lead or capillary if that is what is attached to it (temperature sensor?). Whoever removed the tank must have taken the missing bits - albeit I have an old tank from a different 850 and the small insert is corroded and may have had some wiring attached. I just don't know what to get. Advice needed fairly urgently - my son is studying in Wagga and needs the vehicle Sunday night/Monday morning. Thanks to anyone able to assist - happy to meet the cost of course.Tiny


  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
    I have the sensor including wiring in good condition, I can express post it to you. Send me a PM to discuss
  • It's a coolant low level sensor. It brings the radiator looking light on the dash
    To say coolant is low please check me
  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney
    Thanks LLOYDY (@TL_V70) WA - I guessed that but needed reassurance - and the missing bits! Regards, Tiny
  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney
    Duncan (@DCW242) - i sent a PM early this morning. Many thanks, Tiny
  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney
    Duncan - I have sent a few messages via my smartphone but they have not registered on my PC. I hope you have received them: Happy to pay $40 by transfer. Please send your bank details by PM or email asap so I can do so before I leave about 1700hrs for James Ducker's place for a 740 part. If possible please send the coolant tank fitting by express at your earliest opportunity. My son is a pedestrian until I fix the wretched 850. He's coming in from Wagga by train to pick it up and I have to have it registered before he can return.
    Does the 850 fitting you are sending require some sealant to prevent leakage - and what is the very much smaller hole for?

    I appreciate your help - I recall having to back out of a purchase from you some while ago. There are quite a few of your spares/items I would love to get but I've had to acknowledge the calendar & clear the vehicles around the place. Four will go in the next while (144GL, 244DL, a 740GL then an 850 Estate) leaving an AWD 950 turbo manual Estate and a 220SE Benz 1965 and a CE 300 24v Coupe Benz 1989. The latter Benz will go also.

    My mobile is 0421 332 461 if that assists communication
    Regards, Tiny.
  • You don't need the sensor to get the car back together and running. The sensor just clips into effectively a hard plastic condom in the bottom of the reservoir. It doesn't contact the coolant, it is activated by a magnetic float in the reservoir. It can readily be put in at leisure in the future, the coolant light may just be on or off, not sure what it defaults to when a sensor isn't plugged in.
  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney
    edited June 18
    Thanks for the information. I'm nearly ready for inspection. Tiny
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