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S/V60 Which Car to Buy? S60 T5 or S40 2.4i?

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Hi folks,

So we are in the market again for another Volvo. :-)

We are looking at two cars. But are at an impasse. Both cars have the same asking price on them. The S60 has 40K more km on it, but more standard features than the S40. (S40 has R-Design, Sports Chassis, everything else is the standard S features; S60 is a standard 2011 T5 Auto)

S60 T5 Auto (2011) with 147,000km
s40 2.4i Auto (2009) with 106,000km

We're stuck on what would be the overall ownership issues/differences in cost of one compared to the other.
Will the S60 4 cylinder turbo last as long as the 5 cylinder non-turbo, etc. How many KM could we expect to get out of either engine before things start to break?

Also, the S60 has a 6-Speed Powershift transmission. The S40 has the 5-Speed Geartronic.

Can anyone offer advice on the durability, reliability, and longevity between the two types of engines?

And with the transmissions, with 147,000km on the clock for the Powershift in the S60, what issues could we expect to face in the near future? What is the clutch life like in these things?



  • My advise would be to avoid the s60. Ive seen one engine failure so far @90,000kms and i know berry motor group have repaired one.
    The eco boost engines like to blow the skirts off pistons and suffer from the common direct injection turbo issue of lspi or super knock.
    It can be accelerated by using the wrong oil and going too long between services, but is going to be pretty common issue at higher mileage as its directly related to carbon build up.
    The powershifts used in the volvos have wet clutches but are essentially the same gearbox as the dry clutch models just with longer clutch life so i doubt they will be lasting more than 200,000kms without issues. Very few of the ones i see have ever had gearbox services even though the should be done every 60-80k at most

    The s40 is a much better proposition as most of the common issues are well documented and they dont involve engine or trans failure.
  • Thanks @timbo S40 it is. :-)
  • @timbo You're a machine!
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