S/V/C70 [solved] 1998 C70 Key turns 360 degrees

MaxMax @Max Central Coast NSW
edited June 2019 in Troubleshooting
My sweety is at Epping and has appointments all weekend all around Sydney.
The car won't start or get out of Park.
The NRMA can't get it to work.
Nicola puts the key in, turns it and it just keeps turning - to no effect.
Anyone watching have any tips?
NRAM won't tow the car home as it's too far and won't give her a complimentary car is it's too short.
Car has 88,000 on clock and just serviced by Joe at Moorebank.


  • MaxMax @Max Central Coast NSW
    Not to worry - car is being towed to Joe's at Moorebank. He'll get a surprise on Monday with the car that was serviced on Tuesday is back.
    Will close this post off soon.
  • It's likely to need a new ignition key barrel -- the same thing happened to me on a VW once. Luckily, it was old enough to hotwire until I could deal with it properly.
  • GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs
    If the barrel isn't totally rooted any competent locksmith can rebuild it.
    You may need a good donor however.

    New isn't worth it, we have p80 onwards barrels repaired almost weekly at the shop, not once in 3 years have we needed to buy a new one.
  • MaxMax @Max Central Coast NSW
    Thanks Chums,

    Car is still at Joe's. He doesn't want to cost us a load of dough pulling everything to bits. He's still waiting on a locksmith.
    Your words are encouraging GhettoBird.
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