240 82 244 B23E emission tube location

Hi all

I am putting together the 82 244 with a B23E that has had the manifold off.
I have a small 2 tube elec cyl on the firewall. Two small vacuum nipple on the intake tube close to the airbox and a Elec switch on the LH side of the cylinder head with 2 small tube ports and a larger tube port on the rear of the throttle body. I am trying to find and replace where all the different Vacuum tube go to


  • Angus242164Angus @Angus242164 Western Victoria
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    The solenoid on the firewall is the AC idle up solenoid, one hose connects before the throttle plate and the other after, to allow some air to bypass the throttle plate when the AC compressor is running.

    The small nipple on the throttle body goes to the evap canister vacuum hose, the large one to the canister purge hose.

    The temperature dependant vacuum switch in the head controls vacuum flow to the EGR valve. One hose goes to the intake, the other to the EGR valve.

    Not sure on the ones on the intake tube, normally only '85 models have hoses there.
  • Thank you Angus

    All the info I needed. Now to go buy some vacuum tube to replace the 82 volvo parts
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