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Flywheel to suit 740T

I am after a dished 9 inch flywheel to use for my B230FT conversion with M46 gearbox. The original flywheel won't work with the FT clutch kit. Thankyou.


  • 240240 (@240) Canberra
    I think you'd be better off following the advice Tim gave in your other thread, and just find the correct clutch for your current flywheel. Clutches aren't too expensive for these.
    The dished flywheel is a lot heavier and will make the engine slower to rev.
  • Thanks 240, I'll probably take that advise and try to sell the 740T clutch unless I can source a cheap dished wheel. I'm no boy racer so the engine revving out quicker isn't too much of an issue for me.
  • 240240 (@240) Canberra
    It's not so much about it revving out quicker, but it makes the throttle feel more responsive.

    Not sure what gearbox you're running but make sure you get the correct clutch to match. Early M46 boxes have fewer splines on the input shaft compared to the later 'fine spline' ones.
  • It's a 79 car but the gear box could be from any model with an M46. I'll count the splines. Thanks for the tip. I think I will go with the flat flywheel and try to sell the other clutch. It is all a learning experience I suppose.
  • 240 (@240) wrote: »
    Pretty sure that would be for the dished flywheel, which is similar to the kit he already has...

    @Paul_Roodenrys I could possibly be interested in the 740T dished flywheel clutch kit. PM me with details on it if you do want to sell it.
  • 240240 (@240) Canberra
    Maybe I found the wrong one then... I thought it was correct as it lists the diameter at 8.5", whereas I believe the dishes flywheel is 9"
  • 240 (@240) wrote: »
    Maybe I found the wrong one then... I thought it was correct as it lists the diameter at 8.5", whereas I believe the dishes flywheel is 9"

    Not sure - going by Anthony’s website :) it says the later 740s with dished flywheel have 9 inch, but that FCP website link is saying it suits those so something isn’t matching up.
  • That clutch kit is 8.5" and 22 teeth so will suit flat flywheel would just need to confirm input shaft tooth count on @Paul_Roodenrys gearbox
  • volvodrivermanvolvodriverman (@volvodriverman) Barringwood Estate, Tasmania
    Isn't the listed clutch kit above for NA? I'd suggest that won't hold behind a b230ft.
    Also, is there a flat flywheel turbo clutch available other than "custom" stuff?
  • That clutch will be fine behind a stock turbo lh2.2 setup
  • I would have agreed with you a year ago, though the NA clutch behind my low boost LH2.2 turbo is now dying. Not from thrashing it, not form hard shifts, just when the boost winds up, and power winds up, it is working it all too hard. A recent towing adventure (a 240 wagon with a car trailer and a 265 on the back going over the Westgate Bridge) highlighted the limits of the old 240. The clutch was smoking after that one...
    The M47 bearings are a little noisy now too, though 500,000 km and then pulling an extra 2000 kg, I guess that is expected.
    I recommend you go with the Turbo clutch, if it is a race car have the flywheel lightened to reduce the drag on the crank. If not, just bolt it in. Volvo designed the clutch for a turbo engine, and they were pretty smart with car stuff.
  • Hi all

    I put a new excedy clutch kit in my 740tI with a dog dish flywheel when I did my conversion. It slipped under std boost. Had to send the clutch kit back to get it reset with 2 times + the clamping force
  • @AussieVolvo was it a turbo clutch or NA clutch?
  • @AussieVolvo was it a turbo clutch or NA clutch?


    It was 10+ years ago but I am sure it was a turbo clutch
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    No slipping issues with a 240mm exedy clutch and pp on a flat flywheel. Has been used with the 9" dished flywheel clutch disc.
  • Picked up a flywheel from a fellow Oz Volvian. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.
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