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S/V/C70 Cruise control woes

MickbMick (@Mickb) Central Coast NSW
edited May 22 in Troubleshooting
Hi all, I have an issue with my 2001 V70 cruise control everything else on steering wheel control works, another issue no odometer/ trip meter display, are they related, if so is it any easy fix.
Thanks for any info


  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    First thing to do would be hook up a scan tool and see if the cruise control system is reporting any faults.
  • MickbMick (@Mickb) Central Coast NSW
    Hi James, hooked up Vida dice, no faults, removed dash, battery disconnected of course, read that light globe could be colpret all globes ok, replaced dash, now no odometer, time or temperature and still no cruise......going nuts
  • For the odometer, try wiggling the connection where the wiring plugs into the transmission. I inadvertently knocked it once when mucking around with the intake hose, lost the odometer, it didn't look disconnected, pushed on it and got my odometer back. I'm not sure if it's related to cruise though.
  • MickbMick (@Mickb) Central Coast NSW
    Hi Jay, thanks for the reply, everything is working just the led display not glowing, cruise works, definitely got a gremlin radio often changes source when it feels like it, time for an upgrade I think.
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