C30 Brake pressure bleeders

Looking for some recommendations for a brake pressure bleeder to use on a P1 C30.

(Previously I tried bleeding the brakes using the pull through / vacuum method and that didn't really work and had to resort to ye old school method.)

This one from FCP Euro is recommended, however shipping is a killer:


Also found a couple of similar ones, but don't want to buy one and find out that it's terrible or doesn't fit the C30:

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3L-Brake-Clutch-Bleeding-System-Fluid-Bleeder-Kit-Hand-Pump-Pressure-Tool-AU-New/323672699210 (looks similar to the SP tools one)


Any recommendations?



  • I use the sp tools model :sp70809 the included adaptor fits the p1 volvos. Also helps if you ever have to bleed the clutch
  • The motive one is the one I have and it works quite well
  • I have the motive one as well. Works well
  • Yeah it seems the Motive one is the Pepsi choice... might just need to suck up the shipping cost and get on with it.
  • If you have a fluid reservoir lid spare you can build one pretty easily from a weed sprayer
  • If you have a fluid reservoir lid spare you can build one pretty easily from a weed sprayer

    Hmm, now that you mention it I do have a spare boost gauge and lots of spare connectors and tubing...

    If I can find a cheap cap (maybe a ford one?) that'd be a viable solution.
  • Same as focus and mazda 3
  • tim @timbo wrote: »
    Same as focus and mazda 3

    And hopefully Peugeot... I just bought one on Aliexpress for $2.50.
  • And also ordered a few TR-413 tire valves ($1.50), so I'll use a tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure.

    I'm gonna give it a go with this sprayer https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-garden-pressure-sprayer---5-litre/133946.html

    Hopefully this will get the job done for under $20!
  • That sprayer but a bunnings version is what I used
  • Thanks all! Will let you know how I go.

    This will be the fourth tool that I've made or modified for servicing the C30!
  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC
    Thanks all! Will let you know how I go.

    This will be the fourth tool that I've made or modified for servicing the C30!

    Sounds like a plan. I had something I got I think from ipd years ago that had a brake reservoir cap attached to a bottle for the fluid and an attachment for low-pressure air (I fitted an air tool fitting to the pressure hose and I hook up to the outlet of my air compressor and set to about 10-20 psi max - obviously be extra careful as you don’t want to blow up the reservoir and make a mess). I found cleaning the bottle every time after use was a pain, so now I just put the fresh fluid in the master cylinder reservoir and keep topping it up as I go. A bit more fiddly but just something I learned over the years as I have a lot of 240s in addition to the C30, and with 8 bleed screws and flushing the fluid every 2 years on the 240s I do a lot of bleeding LOL. If your car is a manual you should also bleed the clutch slave at the same time, but it’s a bit hard to get at the bleed nipple and I can’t recall the exact procedure...I think you pressurise the brake master fluid reservoir with your brake bleeder, open the clutch bleed valve (put hose on it into a container to collect fluid obviously) then pump pedal 10 times.
  • Well that was rather fast. Looks like I'll be bleeding the brakes this weekend.


    Fits too!
  • edited August 2019

    I finally got around to putting this together and bleeding the brakes this weekend.

    I actually ordered a hose coupling from China to go with the cap, but they sent me an expensive 4 way solenoid valve instead. 🙄 And when the coupling finally arrived, it did not fit because the sprayer uses non standard hose. So I made up a fitting on the 3d printer, and it worked rather well. No need for a hose clamp at 15PSI (about 35 pumps).

  • Nice work!

  • I can't shake the feeling that there is still a little bit of air in the rear callipers...

    Any suggestions on how to overcome this shittastic Ford engineering? The bleed valve is not the highest point of the calliper piston.

    Do I need to remove the calliper before bleeding?

  • You’d hope there’s an internal passage that leads from the bleeder up to the top of the piston cavity! :) If you’re getting no bubbles, they should be OK. Is the rear raised higher than the front to ensure any bubbles work their way to the rear bleeder? The C30 brakes are a bit soft IMHO, so they could be OK. Only way to know would be take a test drive in another one I suppose. Hope you can get it sorted.

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