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gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth
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Hey guys I have had this for about a year now, and most of you will know the car.
I have slowly been changing it to my liking and still have 3-4 things I want to get sorted, like the interior recarpeted, raise the suspension by 20mm as it catches on everything,(60mm lowered springs) so putting it out there if any one has a set of 30mm lowering springs?
The car has been heavily modified in the engine department, it has a B23turbo on LPG, t5 gearbox which was put together by Richard Bull and drive very well


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  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.

    The Springs you have are from classic swede, he does do 30mm low springs as well.

  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth

    @Vee_Que yeah was looking at them or ones from vp, I just find the 60's are way to low as the crossmember and/or exhaust catches on everything to the point I have destroyed one of the exhaust mount.

  • jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania

    Do you like your steering wheel, is it a 15" or 16"?

    I'd been wondering if these squared off wheels had a significantly different feel to the fully round wheels.

  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth

    16 I think? I like the feel of square edge wood

  • Didn’t know you had this. What a beauty.

  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth

    @bigal yeah had this car over a year now and it's a working progress for the time being and still needs a bit of work. Between this and the V70XC I always have some thing to do

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