S/V/C70 SKANDIX delivery system

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FCP parcel arrived in 4 days from new york with tracking every part of its journey. Excellent service

Skandix parcel via DHL not here after 17 days !!!
But arrived in "destination country" 1 week ago!!!
So its been sitting somewhere at the airport waiting for Australia Post to take over from DHL
Clicking on DHL link takes it to Auspost where it conveniently says tracking number unknown.
What a totally CRAP way of sending a parcel.
You are totally in the dark once it arrives in Australia.


  • To be fair it may have been caught up at customs for gst collection. Once they send the package its out of their control.
  • Skandix always takes a few weeks. Ill still order from there
  • It is a gamble, recently I ordered parts from iPd, Skandix and FCP on about the same day. Skandix arrived first (about a week), FCP the next day and iPd is still on the way after 2 weeks.
    As mentioned above, it is the local customs that is the problem, not the carrier or supplier.
    I always allow 2 weeks for delivery, sometimes it is quicker, and once it was slower.
    Skandix have a great range of parts, good people to deal with, in English, and they have sourced genuine parts they do not list for me. I just sent a request for part number X and they added it to their system.
    Regarding the website, after the domain name there is a /de/ - change that to /en/ and it is in English.
  • Euro delivery apart from UK is always slower than US. There’s an English version of the DHL tracking site as well. But once DHL releases to Aus Post for delivery the tracking stops, but it’s usually 3 days between release and delivery locally if you’re on the east coast

    Skandix has by far the best customer service out of all the companies I buy parts from overseas, and some of the biggest range too. They’re incredibly helpful if you have faulty products too and very quick resolution when it happens.

    Seriously cannot speak highly enough of them and the flat 50€ shipping is great as you can get a coffin sized box of parts here for that price in around 3 or so weeks, depending on customs
  • Looks like I should have bitten my tongue and remained patient.
    Had no idea they offered that sort of service.
    Coffin sized box of parts delivered for 50 euro would be like ten Christmas in one!
  • The way they do freight is odd, it is $100 (50 Euro) for each 35kg box. I brought in 34.5 kg once, some 164 Brembo rotors were the heaviest parts in there. Only pain is it is $100 for a dozen brackets and some oil filters, so swings and round-a-bouts on postage. Certainly easier to plan for than iPd though.
  • I tried ringing Auspost since I had no tracking.
    They had no trouble finding the DHL tracking number on their system and said it was out for delivery today.
    God knows why they cant let me access that info.
    Auspost delivered at 2pm today; 1 week since it landed in Melbourne from Frankfurt.
    Sorry for the fuss but at least I learnt a few things from the forum today.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Skandix doesn't suck after all.
    They even replied to my email today.

  • Ordering from Europe has a lot of variables but they have the best choice especially for pre 80s cars. I’ve pulled back on ordering from IPD in the last 18 months, the inventory on the site never seems right and you end up waiting weeks because something is out of stock despite being reported as in stock.

    My last IPD order from placement to arrival took 7 weeks
  • Yes I've noticed that with IPD.
    Particularly since the change in ownership.
    AS it turns out Skandix does seem to offer a more personalized service.

    In the last email from Florian in the Skandix sales team he said:
    "We can also offer TNT Express delivery if you need some spare parts earlier.
    But for TNT delivery we need to ask them for a price for every single package and for bigger parts this option is more expensive. If you have an urgent request, please write me before and I'll tell you the shipping costs."

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Maybe IPD has gone to JIT (just in time) supply?

    Blackwoods Engineering supplies have gone to it and there is no point going with them.
    How is that a way to do business?

  • I used to have a blackwoods account.
    Their prices were ridiculous but their phone book sized catalogue was very handy,
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Yes it is a good book but you only got better pric9ng if it was a volume account i thought.
    Can get a better service from a small business in Ballarat , a small region ask town near Melbourne!
  • JakeNZJakeNZ @JakeNZ South Auckland, NZ
    It really pisses you off when dealerships do the JIT crap, every time we deal with Cable Price over here its 'Ex. Australia' or 'Ex. Sweden' for Scania bits.
  • I had the same issue with Yoshifab, previous order arrived promptly, but last order took weeks. Josh at Yoshifab was very good following it up but as mentioned before once it is in Australia and customs decide to get involved it can add weeks to the delivery time.
  • BradBrad @Brad Sunshine Coast, QLD
    I ordered from Skandix on 8th May and it arrived today 28th May. They had to order in one part from Volvo that they didn't have in stock. The parcel was sent on the 14th May so delivery was about 2 weeks. Not too bad I suppose.
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