S/V/C70 AW55-50/51SN Geartronic Transmission trouble

Did the B4 servo, did the flush and thought i'd solved the flared and thumping gear changes at low speeds only to have trouble back with a vengeance.
In fact it occurs almost without fail when I reapply the throttle to exit roundabouts.
So what to do?
Change the valve body with a $200 ebay one?
Change the solenoids with the $130 kits on ebay?
Change thes solenoids with genuine Rostra ones for $300?
Pull the solenoids apart and clean them - $ zero cost
And accept that even if i do these things it probably has worn clutch plates anyway?

Has anyone had any success fixing or prolonging the life of these trannies by swapping out the valve bodies or solenoids?


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