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EOI 240 Turbo Conversion



  • I stripped a 90 740 turbo donor for a mates 240 project. Lh2.4 m47

    What front end style did that 740 have? The typical classic pre 90 square front, the 90 740gl semi soft front with no fog headlights or the 90 740gle soft front with fogs same as a 940? Do you have pictures of the car?
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Ask Mark Iceton at Berry Motor Group. He usually has bits sitting or car to wreck. He just sod a 740T that's going to a 240 +T....
  • OvloverPat (@Ovlover) Sutherland Shire, Sydney
    I don't think there were any 1990 740 turbo models and if there were they were a continuation of the 1989 model which made way for the 940 in 1991

    I owned a 1990 built 740T. 740 rear end and interior, 940 front end with LH2.4.
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    Would you have any pictures of that car?
  • DauntlessDauntless (@Dauntless) Central West NSW
    My 90 740T was LH2.4

  • Thanks for the imput guys.

    So as my car has 2.4 i can just plug the ecus in? As stated in the 2nd post?

    Can the distributor be changed insitu?
  • There is no need to change the distributor.
  • There is no need to change the distributor.
    You need to remove and block off the head mounted 740 distributor and swap to the block mounted 240 style dizzy.
    Its hit and miss sometimes you get lucky and the turbo engine will have the drive gear on the balance shaft for the 240 distributor.
    You could swap your existing balance shaft and dizzy in whilst you have the engines out but can be done with the engine in.
  • Not if he chooses to use his original engine
  • Ok thanks guys.

    Im still learning and im sure if I looked for hours I would find the info. There are sooo many 240 +t conversions out there in the net but most are for pre 89 cars and are typically not very useful.

    To clear a few things up I am using the enginw that is in the 240 now. Its an 230FX motor that is in a 92/3 240 Wagon. The car I am looking at is an 88 740 Turbo that runs the lh2.2.

    I want to take the turbo inlet and exhaust manifold etc and put it on the NA motor (which is a better motor for it anyway right? 13mm rods and ‘maybe’ oil squirters.

    Do I still need to swap the balance shaft or can I use the NA 240 dizzy setup with a turbo?
  • Just another thanks for the patients with some of the questions. I know they have been asked but just trying to make sense of all the threads Ive read.
  • So your options are
    1. find an lh2.4 turbo donor 740/940 and have everything you need
    2. Use an lh2.2 turbo donor parts and buy the turbo computers and lh2.4 specific sensors seperately. (Probably not cost effective to be stuck with a whole donor car just for these parts unless real cheap as youll end up scrapping the majority of the car)

    You can use the existing n/a 240 dizzy setup.

    If you are trying to avoid removing the existing engine you still need to sort out your turbo oil return line. You could remove subframe and swap over the sump from donor engine or get your existing sump modified
  • Excellent. Thats just what I need to hear. Im happy to source the computers and sensors. What are the chances of finding a 940? Ive found 2 740 and maybe this is why?

    Thanks again for the response. Helps immensly to just put a few worries out of mind.
  • A turbo 940? I've had four of them, I still have two
  • Are you selling either?
  • Not any time soon sorry
  • Awesome. Ive also found a 940s. They have less power? Due to lower compression?

    The link takes me to an unknown page? How can I view it?

    Ultimately the 940 is the way to go, is it worth bothering about the 940s? Or just a 940?
  • The 940S just has less boost that's all. Everything else is the same
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