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[NSW] Manual S70 20V - $250

OvloverPat (@Ovlover) Sutherland Shire, Sydney
edited July 1 in For sale
For sale is my manual S70. Bought as a manual conversion for my C70 coupe (which will be for sale in the next few days) but i ended up using as my daily driver for about 2 years. Currently unregistered. Was running fine when i parked it but isn't wanting to start now, battery is pretty average so I will recharge it and try again. Will be sold with no battery. Front tyres are shot, front suspension has the standard knocks and rattles. Engine was using about 2.5L of oil every 5000kms but didn't blow smoke and all sparks plugs are clean.......????? There is surface rust on the tail end of bonnet and a couple of small surface rust spots on the roof, but that's all I have seen. Interior is reasonable. Manual is a good box, 1st gear was sometimes painful to get into 1st but other times was perfect which I think was more of a master-slave issue rather than the box. It has SNABB solid shifter bushes in it, new OE boot struts, PCV replaced. ABS module has been repaired. When it was daily driven it was a reliable, economic easy and fun to drive car. Reason for being taken off the road is because I didnt want to spend the money on the suspension and tyres for registration, reason for selling is I am no longer keeping my C70 and no longer need this as a conversion.

I am asking $250.



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