POS Diahatsu Feroza

Hi Oz volvo community while my current Daily is a 97 V70 T5. Here is my long term project I sorta gave up on but am getting re inspired. It's a 91 Diahatsu Feroza.Currently its RWD body work is super crap. It has a Nissan SR22 (SR20 forged and stroked motor to 2.2lt I Have a HKS GT3037s (HKS version of GT3076r to fit to it altho I would love it on my T5. Feroza is fully licenced and Engineered and regoed with SR20det and Silvia 5 speed also with current half cage drop tank fixed back racing seats, has provisions for dual shocks I think was ex rally car at some stage. I blew original sr20 up and build the 2.2 for it then lost interest. A young family helped with that


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