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[sold]120 Series in the West on Carsales. Does anyone know the car?

jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania
edited May 2019 in RADAR
<a href="https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Volvo-122S-1967/SSE-AD-5894600/?Cr=1"; rel="nofollow">https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Volvo-122S-1967/SSE-AD-5894600/?Cr=1</a><br />
Looks interesting enough and whilst not ordinarily on my radar, could be a good thing.<br />
<br />
Does anyone know the owner or the car, no phone number on the advert.<br />
<br />
cheers,<br />


  • jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania
    edited May 2019
    Interesting, the car has a column gear shift, yet bucket seats.
    Bucket seats in beige, which wasn't a colour offered until 1969? Probably originally black.
    Accessory lamp grille, but no lamps.
    Painted body with a dented and bent front right bumper section.
    Body restoration but no mechanical restoration, just painting. Original brake lines, suspension and springs.
    Airconditioning, but no guts in the heater.
    It's bloody interesting!
  • 'Erik the Red' eh? - more like Viking!
    It's been for sale for a while now on carsales - price hasn't budged. If it's any good he would have taken some decent pics of it, and more of them. And if it was any good it would have sold by now. The gear stick must be behind the steering wheel out of sight - unfortunate picture angle. You can just see the gear stick bellows. Not sure what the right stalk is though - Laycock overdrive?
    Too far away to even bother with dude.
  • jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania
    Yeah, I sorta get it.
    It's definitely a column shift, uncommon and not a benefit.
    Yeah, I knew it had been on for months and months. Always a reason why something doesn't sell straight off the bat.
    There's no overdrive, or even a sniff of one.
    Yeah, it's a long way away. So is Tassie ;-)
    Cheers mate, you're a good voice of reason. I need that sometimes.
    The search has been frustrating. Too many false positives and cars not really what they're purported, or not fit for purpose to use the modern jargon.
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