850 "volvo 850 OBDII" phone app

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Anyone tried this appI came across on google play store?
For use with ELM327 bluetooth/Wifi/USB dongles
From what I can see it offers a bit more than generic OBDII readers
Claims you can even program with it.
Suits 96 to 98 models only


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    Developed by Aleksi Venäläinen & "made in Finland"

    I would be surprised if no-one in Oz-Volvo has tried it.

    Cant be too bad as In user comments someone says they were even able to read lost mileage after odometer failure.
    That was something only volvo could do although if not faint hearted there is shareware I once used that could interpret a hex dump from the ecu using a terminal reader.

    In further info it says:

    "This app is mainly for Volvos from years 1996-98 to use with ELM327 bluetooth/Wifi/USB dongle to diagnose, read and even program little bit.

    Support: ELM327(1.4b onwards) or USB ObdLinkSX via OTG support.
    Support of models: 850/900 series and (weakly) S40/V40, C70/S70/V70/XC70, S90/V90

    Capable of:
    -Read some basic standard OBDII stuff via Scan(P0* -codes, MIL light status, Supported PIDs - refer for LiveData).

    -SERVICE Light (RSI - Regular Service Reminder) status reading, program (parameters) and reset/clear.

    +OBDII (standard items for all OBDII supported cars! Included JOBDII too option for testing)
    +Instrument panel (COMBI)
    +Automatic Gearbox
    +M4.4 etc..

    -Read and clear most DTC:s (updating...).
    *Fault Codes supported fully from:
    AW 50-42 / AW 30-43
    912-D Heater
    ROP (Roll Over Protection) (C70)
    IMMO (41)
    ..Will be updated as some fault codes missing still!

    -Advanced Commands
    +MSA15.7 Dynamic Fuel Pump Timing
    +Motronic Injector testing etc

    -You can use this App too as a terminal for ELM327 to send individual hand written commands at Service screen to do for what ever you want :)

    -Included Saab 9-3 2.8T Aero/Turbo X speedlimiter read and changer (untested) for OBDLinkSX. Read Info of usage."
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Highly doubtful.
  • User comments say its better than VOL-FCR
  • And VOL-FCR is what I've been using for most diagnostics.
    I've bought the app and will give it a try.
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    Most OBDII phone apps have been crap with exception of "torque"
    But still very limited in what they can read.
    Nothing compares to VOL-FCR on my xp toughbook for the 96-98 volvos but this app might be the answer.
  • I have that app on my tablet, works well for 96 850, can show dtc codes for each ecu and combi mileage.
    A full scan takes it about 45 mins, and it will save a log file on your device as a pdf.
  • Hi Steven, are you running it via Bluetooth , wifi dongle or usb?
    Bluetooth very slow compared to wifi & usb.
    Might be faster by direct connection or do you think it might just be the ecu data speed?
    Did you try a faster baud rate on your device settings?
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